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wearing leggingsAs the weather has turned away from summer to autumn and soon winter, I reached for my  leggings as a staple part of my wardrobe.  I don’t do well in the cold, I’m one of those people who really feel it, so the crisp autumn mornings in Autumn call for a long legging, that I may shorten to knee length as the day warms up (or even take off if it gets hot and I’m wearing a skirt).

how to style long leggings

When it’s cool I will often wear a legging with a dress or skirt to keep  my legs warm.  Over the years I’ve been collecting them in a variety of neutral colours, such as navy, white and grey so that they blend better with what I’m wearing with them.

Leggings are Not Pants

Leggings are hosiery and should be treated as such.  Even the thicker leggings tend to pull across your bottom and become see-through when you walk or bend (let me tell you, I’ve walked behind many women wearing leggings as pants, and it’s universal, no matter your size, they are not opaque enough to wear as a trouser).

leggings with a tunic

I often wear a full length hose legging just under my knee by pulling the hem up and folding over the remaining legging.  This gives me some versatility depending on the weather and what I’m wearing with them.  Leggings are ideal for tunic length tops as they allow you to wear a shorter hem, one that you wouldn’t wear without something underneath (unless you’re under 25 and then you might!).

Leggings and tunic

Thicker leggings like these ones work with shorter tunic tops as they do cover more of your legs.  Anything shorter than this top and I’d opt for jeans instead of leggings.

You can get some more inspiration on wearing leggings here.




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  • I love my leggings. I am stay-at-home plus size and I don’t like wearing jeans or similar. I wear daggy skirts (occasional tunic) in winter and I also want to keep warm and be comfortable. I have a variety of neutral leggings (black,grey and white) but I am envious of the myriad of colors and patterns available to the young girls. Thanks

  • I love leggings too, but as soon as autumn hits here, it’s too cold for bare legs so my bottom half needs sox, and pants/leggings that go down to meet them. It’s been odd this year, one day it’s hot and the next I’m scratching for my thermals, washing and ironing the jeans and getting out the jumpers. Thanks for the inspiration, as usual.

  • Lerv leggings. I tend to wear them with skirts, thick socks and boots. I really need to find some ‘warm grey’ leggings, the grey I have are a cool grey and clash a little with my clothes 🙁 Any suggestions for sourcing?

  • You make even something as simple as leggings look super smart Imogen!

    I love all of these looks – especially the last one where you layer a full sleeved tshirt over a smart grey tunic and black leggings. Simply love it!

    And I have to say that you look prettier and classier with every post you do. Losing weight, your new hair, and your evolving style really really suit you. You’re looking better than ever!

      • I’m only being honest Imogen

        I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve been loving your blog. It’s really changed the way I SEE myself, and I think that’s a key instrument in evolving one’s sense of style.

        I have always had a large bust. And I’ve spent a lot of time reading up on how to dress a large bust without looking frumpy. Somehow, none of that style advice ever made a very big difference or impact (and yes, I’ve read everything even Trinny and Sussanah have to say about style for the X-shape). Most bloggers and stylists simply use plus size models for visuals, who might have a large bust and a full figure, but still do not look like the majority of us normal people!

        And yet, you were different. It helped that you yourself have first-hand experience in dressing a large bust. Your blog gave me a lot of real-world style ideas since you had your own pictures up, could give practical hands-on tips, didn’t just talk about cuts and necklines, but also fabrics, colours, prints, necklaces and more, and threw personality in the mix as well.

        I do see now that all of that aspects have to harmonize and come together to create a sense of style that is well put together yet best suited for your shape. Shape is only a part of the puzzle, like you said, and without accepting that fact, none of us can really arrive at a personal sense of style that is 100% us.

        And ‘My Style’ section really helps because I can see first-hand how you would style a garment – be it a pair of leggings or an animal print shirt. And it inspires me to do the same. I’ve never been able to style a white button down shirt before, even though I love them on others, simply because I didn’t see how it could ever look classy on someone who is 5’3″ with a 36E bra size. Same for a pair of leggings with a skirt ( I wear them with tunics) but now I can do these things because you gave plenty of examples for the same.

        I guess all I’m saying is that your blog gives me the inspiration to be stylish everyday. Put together simple outfits that are relaxed and comfy, yet bring out the best in me.

        So thank you so much for being my style inspiration! Have a great weekend!

  • Any tips on how to wear leggings without the skirt “climbing” your legs when you walk? I love leggings under skirts but this problem ruins it for me. 🙁

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