Relaxed Style – Leggings and a Tunic


leggings and a tunic

Not long ago I wrote a post on outfit ideas for all those times when  you want a relaxed and casual and of course comfortable style.  Now I want to share with you some real life examples of how you can interpret my outfit ideas!

The first one is Leggings with a Tunic – and what I want you to know is that the women featured here are from all over the world, so some are in winter and some in summer.   So you can see how easy it is to adapt an outfit idea into very different looks.

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leggings and tunic 2

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leggings and tunic 1

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I love that everyone can interpret this simple idea into their own personal style, in an outfit that suits their own body shape and colouring.



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  • thanks for the helpful post. I think the key is avoiding too-short tunics, at least for older women. I saw a woman who was abt 65+, whose leggings covered her bum, but showed too much leg. (I’m 57 so I’m not being ageist, just pragmatic.

  • Great post. I am a leggings woman in winter as I don’t often wear long pants. Pants or jeans can be awfully ‘claustrophobic’ and restrictive. I am plus sized as well. I usually wear Mary Janes and socks in winter to keep my feet warm but I think that I will have to embrace the sock and ankle boot. I do have two pairs of ankle boots but I will look out for more casual (read lower heel) than the ones I already have. And maybe even in a tan…

    • I also get very jealous of the great colors and patterns that are available to children and that are not available to adults – black, and if lucky, white, grey and charcoal. Great to see a diversity of leggings in the examples above.

  • I have chunky legs and big knees so I don’t look good in skintight leggings, I was thinking my options are either leggings with below the knee dresses (in which case what’s the point?) or slim ponte pants that are slightly looser than leggings worn with a tunic.

  • Imogen
    What advice do you have for plus-sized legging wearers – what is the best length top/tunic. I love the versatility, comfort and warmth of leggings.

  • I am 75 and live in an area of the United States that is literally colder than Siberia in winter. I wear leggings more than 6 months of the year. In winter, I wear them under tunics that are, as you say, Imogen, mid-thigh or slightly longer. In late fall and early spring, I wear them under dresses that come to just above the knee. The winter ones are heavier, often fleece-lined, and the warmer-weather ones are thinner. They are never skin-tight or see-through. I find that if I keep the top, tights, and shoes monochromatic – or match the tights and shoes to the background color of a shorter dress, the effect is slimming and I don’t look like I was shopping in my granddaughter’s closet.

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