Your Voice and Movement and How They Influence Your Style

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  • A design detail that I personally love but which just doesn’t look right on me is zips and snappy strappy things that snap on to a dome somewhere on a jacket. Three of them in a diagonal row or something. I love this kind of thing. A sort of snappy, snazzy energy to it.

  • Great point, Imogen. I do have a few items in my wardrobe which I wear less often because they are a bit of a departure from my norm. Interestingly, I use them intentionally because I recognize they influence how I feel when I wear them. For example, I’m normally quite structured and wear pants or jeans or shorts. But I have a few skirts that are casual, a bit more flowing and fun. I choose to wear those on weekends or date nights when I want to bring that side of myself out more. It works to wonderful effect. I think they are successful on me, instead of incongruent, because they still check off the right boxes in other style elements that suit me well: proportion, colors, print scale, etc. Thanks for another interesting post.

  • Great info, Imogen. I’ve been struggling with this concept recently. My physicality is purposeful and straightforward but my body is a soft H, so I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a good style for me. Stiffer fabrics fit my personality but softer fabrics fit my body. I guess the answer is, like Goldilocks, I need to find fabric that is juuuuust right!

  • Yet another reason I dislike structured ‘corporate’ styles. I move gracefully (people tell me) and my voice is not at all loud (it gets frustrating in groups sometimes). Flowy (albeit plain, no ruffles) just works so much better. I do notice that more structured items, within my limits, make me feel/act more corporate. But I forever balance my casual/creative/feminine style with office needs. You’ve helped a lot with this, Imogen!

  • What a great post. I am a figure 8, so I wouldn’t wear pleated/A-line/flowy skirts/dresses anyhow, but I was thinking the other day how for some inexplicable reason I actually prefer straighter dresses/ pencil skirts anyway. Not so inexplicable! I don’t think I am particularly graceful in my movements, am no wallflower, am a v fast walker, am purposeful and confident. Floaty skirts just don’t go with that attitude!

  • Great points I need to further reflect on. I love dancing and yet, a floaty skirt would make me very nervous at work. Loved the observation about voice. Probably something that is not often thought of in context of dressing.

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