Photo Shoot for the New Me


Behind the Scenes with Neil CreekGiven that I’ve changed many things about myself, and my clients need to be able to recognize me when they’ve never met me, but we’re meeting for a personal shopping expedition in a public place, I decided it was time to invest in some new professional photos.

Imogen Lamport

I chose to use photographer Neil Creek again as I love his simple modern style. He’s not into serious posing (like some photographers) and so the photos have a lovely natural style which is more me.

Imogen Lamport and Clare Maxfield

My training business partner Clare (for our Academy of Professional Image where we offer internationally certified courses for both classroom and distance programs for becoming a personal stylist and image consultant) and we chose the location of Chokolat boutique for our shoot.

Neil Creek photographer, Imogen Lamport and Clare Maxfield

We made a few outfit changes during the shoot, and used different parts of the store to take different shots.

Imogen Lamport

From headshots to action shots we had fun creating our new portfolio of pictures to use on our Academy of Professional Image website and my Bespoke Image website.

Imogen Lamport and Clare Maxfield


The shoot took only an hour, Clare and I are the masters of the quick change!

Personal Stylist training


We did co-ordinate our outfits so that the colours would work together in the shoot and we’d look harmonious

Personal colour analysis training


Personal shopping training

You may already have seen one of the photos on my Facebook page!

Style and wardrobe consultations



image consultant training

business image workshops and training

Speak of personal stylist training, our next classroom course starts 14 July and we have only 2 spaces left.  Do get in touch if you’re interested in either taking part!  It’s such a fun and rewarding career!


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  • Miss Imogen, a button up shirt showing off your new bust line and trim tummy, you look fabulous! You’ve put in a lot of effort in the last year with your weight loss, change of hair colour and breast reduction. I hope you love the changes as much as I’ve appreciated you sharing your stories x

  • Well, WOW! Look at you, you just glow. Your new look just oozes such a sense of warmth and confidence. I have really appreciated journeying the changes as you’ve shared your stories, but the outcome that shines through these photos just says so much more.

    Celebrating with you – just amazing!

  • Beautiful! Loved the coordination between you too. Does Clare have the same colouring as you?? (but with higher contrast?) (you couldn’t have coordinated as well with Jill Chivers?! 🙂 )

  • Wow, you look radiant! New body, new hair colour and new colours in your wardrobe. I think I have the periwinkle cowl necked dress that you’re wearing ( I bought mine from Neo Rococo in Templestowe, a designer sample shop; I’m a Winter too) I love the colour on you. Imogen, are you still a winter or a spring now?

    • I’m none of the seasons, which is why I don’t use them as they are limiting and old. I’m cool light and reasonably clear, in tonal terms. I bought the dress on a trip to Hawaii a couple of years ago.

  • Hi Imogen. The photos look great!

    I can’t help but notice that neither of you ladies are wearing nylons. I have always detested nylons, so I skip them when I wear sandals or long skirts. But I just can’t help feeling “unfinished” if I don’t wear them with dressier clothes, like the pencil skirts you are wearing or a nice dress when I go to church. On the other hand, I’m noticing that few younger women wear them at all. I turn 40 this year, and I’d like to stay au courant without looking like MDAL! Am I dating myself by wearing stockings, or is it just a matter of sophistication? And what do we do as we age and our legs are not as attractive as they once were? Could you do a post about the new rules for ladies’ legs?. Thanks!

  • You look wonderful. These pics are a great representation of how button-up shirts can be sexy and sophisticated. I personally love them.

  • I particularly like the black and white jacket ensemble on you. Are you still fairly high contrast? It seems to me to be a look that still suits you. Perhaps even more with the very light hair, it’s quite high impact but still looks right.

  • Also, have you gone from triadic to two-colours, I’m not sure of the terminology here! When you had dark hair you were dark hair, light skin, blue eyes, so could wear three-colour ensembles or patterns etc well. Now are you fair hair, fair skin, darker blue eyes, so light/dark contrast and two colours works better? Does that make sense?
    Without wanting to be rigid about it.

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