Turning Women Into Cover Models and Their Reactions


Here is a great short video about how real women who think they want to look like cover models really feel when they have the experience.


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  • Thanks for posting this. Very thought provoking film. Living in NYC, I have frequently run into
    “celebrities” and am often amazed at how different and often unrecognizable they are in real person.
    Looking a fashion magazine covers leaves me questioning who the cover model is because they tend
    to all look alike with the amount of photo shopping that goes on.

  • Imogen, thanks so much for this video!
    I was guilty myself of using photoshop to try and make myself look better in photos, but always was aware of the fakery.
    Recently I had a real-life “makeover” of the dental kind (full implants,) – necessary because I have cleidocranial dysostosis, a rare inherited skeletal abnormality which badly affects dentition. The result was fabulous – I now look normal, with a smile I’m proud of instead of hiding or fixing. It has truly changed my life, given me confidence to face the world with a big grin, as my authentic self.

    • Janet – teeth are super important. I”m lucky that my parents spent major dollars on orthodontic work for me as a teenager so now I have a lovely smile. I know so many people who won’t smile because their teeth aren’t in great shape. When they have their teeth fixed it’s a fabulous transformation and so often gives that confidence that they didn’t have. I”m trying to explain the importance of teeth to my son who is currently undergoing orthodontic work. He just doesn’t get yet how teeth can make a difference.

  • Imogen, I wish I could tell your son in person, how VERY important it is to take care of your teeth! Especially if you are fortunate enough to have good teeth! Mine were never normal – I went right through high school with no front teeth – got my first partial denture at 17 – and it had a permanent effect on me. Always shy and self-conscious, hiding away from social situations and targeted by bullies. Now I am 65, and just finding the confidence which comes with a lovely smile. What a huge, life-changing difference it has made. That’s why I found your blog! I’m determined to make the best of myself, and your advice is great…….many thanks!

  • I just watched this with my husband who is a very talented photographer and photo editor. He made a great point about editing/photoshopping, he said it’s absolutely necessary for a good portrait because the camera will show flaws that we might not notice in real life. The human eye will usually overlook these flaws but the camera is not as forgiving. He was saying that the editing will make the photo a better representation of what you actually look like in real life. But he thought what they did here was a little extreme.

  • This was incredibly touching and got me all choked up. It was astonishing to see that their reactions were very similar. I thought I didn’t want to look like me, but now that I am essentially gone in these photos, I want me back. That must have been life-changing.

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