My Favourite Cold Summer Snack


frozen grapesDo you love a cold glass of white wine on a summer evening but you don’t always have one already chilled in the fridge? You don’t want to add ice as it dilutes the wine, well, my favourite summer snack can be used to chill your wine!

What is it? Frozen grapes.

We’re having a hot summer here this year in Melbourne, and my kids are always after ‘something cold’ to eat (they are of course hinting for icecream), but I’m wise to their ways. Now I just freeze grapes -they make a delicious cold snack, and can be used in place of an ice cube in a drink when you don’t want to dilute it.

What are you favourite healthy snacks?



  • Rebecca says:

    It is so funny to hear about the hot summer in Australia. We have been FREEZING here in NYC!!
    The frozen grapes sound like a terrific idea. I’ll keep it in mind for summer here (can’t wait!)

    • Imogen says:

      We are having such a heat wave here in Melbourne – I’m enjoying it as I know that summer is on the wane and we will be heading back towards winter again soon!

  • Helen says:

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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