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Imogen Lamport interview in AICI Global Magazine

I’m excited to be sharing with you here the latest copy of the AICI (Association of Image Consultant’s International) Global magazine, in which I’m featured in an in-depth interview.

AICI is the image consultants professional association and I was awarded the 2019 AICI Jane Segerstrom award earlier this year when I was in Chicago at our global conference, much to my surprise!



Image consulting is my passion.  It’s never hard for me to come up to my studio each day and start work, and often I have to be told to finish work for the day by my family, as I’ve got so many ideas and projects on the go at any one time.

I love that I get to have a positive impact on the lives of my clients and according to some of the feedback I receive, hopefully, you as well.  

I adore sharing my knowledge with others, those who want to improve their own style, and those who want to learn the science and art of style and have a passion for helping others like I do.  This is why I love teaching aspiring colour and image consultants through my Academy of Professional Image and helping women from around the world discover their style with my online 7 Steps to Style, Evolve Your Style and Ignite Your Style Genius programs.


The Secret to My Success as an Image Consultant




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