How to Layer Necklaces


In this video Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I discuss how easy it is to layer necklaces and give you tips on how to do so.


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  • I’ve done most of this for years.

    Depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing sometimes I just wear a bead with a loose knot, sometimes I’ll pile on pendants as long as the pendants hang above each other and don’t clash and bang against the other as stones can be lost and the over all look can get lost as well if they’re all in a jumble.

    Of course I also wear earrings, bangles and rings with the necklaces as sometimes I’ll wear a set of a particular design, and other times I’ll just throw on a hodge podge in the same colour scheme.

  • I love jewelry and wear necklaces all the time, especially unique silver pieces that I have collected over the years. Recently I have tried my hand at layering a couple of them and liked the look.
    Jill is very talented at making necklaces – I have admired some of the ones she has worn in these videos.
    Are your necklaces layered as well, Imogen? I couldn’t tell if it is a several stranded necklace or a combination of a few different ones.
    Very interesting video, as always!

  • I also now love layering necklaces and I don’t think I’ve ever intentionally worn the same combination of clothes/accessories deliberately EVER!! – So, going on holiday and living out of a suitcase can be a challenge! The larger necklaces I wear are often in a very similar colour to my top, I think because I’m very low contrast (light to dark) colouring, quite blended?

    Is there anything to be done about the squawking bird(s?) whilst filming? It’s kind of stressy to have the screeching going on while trying to listen to and absorb the guidance you’re giving… Just an observation :-s

    Thank you for all you do, I’ve picked up so much great information since following your site (think my favourite and most useful bit was the levels of refinement – oh and the one about light-dark contrast vs colour contrast (eg golden blonde hair with blue eyes).

    • Sorry about those birds – Sadly they must live outside Jill’s house where we were filming! Glad that contrast has made a difference to the way you dress. The more I work with people the more I find it’s truly important!

  • Thanks for this! I used to layer two necklaces in high-school, but haven’t done it in ages. Wearing three today and enjoying it! Not sure I’ll do it for the office, but for outings it’s a great way to make a casual outfit more fun.

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