Pantone Colours 2014 – Focus on Dazzling Blue


Dazzling blue


Dazzling Blue is a cobalt blue and cool in its undertone.

If you’ve been enjoying emerald in the past year, you’ll find that adding in some Dazzling Blue garments you can mix them easily with your emerald. It will also look fabulous with the Turquoise garments you may have picked up the year before.

Alternatively, it also works really well with a rich raspberry red (like Cayenne which you’ll start seeing in stores in 2014 and purple to create an alternate colour scheme.

Because this is a strong and vibrant colour, make sure that you mix it with other strong colours rather than pastel or muted shades.


warm dazzling blue

But if you’re warm in your colouring, there will still be options for you.  See how I’ve taken a dark turquoise (which is the warm version of cobalt) and played with colours around the colour wheel to create colour schemes.


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  • I always have trouble identifying whether a cool red is bright enough. Soft cool seem to abound but there’s fewer brighter versions as opposed to its warmer, orange-y counterpart, where it mostly tends to be bright as opposed to muted. I take it that blazer in Cayenne red that you put next to cobalt above is bright red?

  • I’m just noticing this in the shops now. We’re getting summer stock in NZ and it’s pretty surprising how much of the clothing is blue. It seems a bit overboard.

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