Happy Festive Season to You All!



To all my lovely blog readers!

Every day I appreciate that you bother to come and read my posts.  Every day I appreciate that you are there and supporting me.

I appreciate that you ask questions and make comments, join in and create a community.

I hope you all have a fantastic festive season.

After a long year of working hard, I’m taking off some time to have a holiday with my family and friends. I will be posting but more sporadically. Please do leave your style questions in the comments here to let me know what you’d like me to focus on in coming posts. I want to know what you want to know!

My family and I have had a lovely Christmas day. We’ve eaten plenty and had some laughs with friends and family. I hope that you have the same.

In Australia, this is the summer holidays, a time to relax and refresh for a few weeks.  I plan to come back to you renewed with new ideas and posts for the coming year.

With love,



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  • Thanks for all you have shown and taught me about style this year. Wishing you a really lovely hols. Hope your weather is better than ours is right now (here in NZ).

  • Hello Imogen,
    I’m from Canada and always look forward to your blog posts. Your content is clear, immediately useful and a joy to read. I’d appreciate information on shapewear for the very plus-sized, and in particular for dressing a hanging belly in pants.

  • Happy Holidays to you and your family, Imogen. I look forward to many more wonderful posts upon
    your return from vacation. You have created a terrific website and I have learned much from it.
    Best regards from a very cold NYC!

  • Hi Imogen
    i hope you and your family have a lovely festive break together. Many thanks for the blogs and all your advise – keep it going ! I hope you will do a best of 2013 posts /listing.
    Any tips otherwise for cool coloured capsules – smart casual please.

    Also if you could add or update the article “What Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe” for those of us who don’t wear skirts or dresses. I need to cover my short legs at all times, and am H shaped – wearing cool colours. Tend to end up wearing cotton trousers in summer and jeans or black trousers if I need to look smarter.
    I’ve just got a black leather look collarless jacket (although not my best colour) wearing a coloured scarf with that to join other things up.
    All best wishes to you.

  • Hi Imogen

    Thank you for all your helpful posts over the last year and especially for your challenges, which I always enjoy. I would appreciate the same smart casual capsule as Morfudd – so that’s two votes for it!

    Enjoy your well deserved break with family and friends!

    Sue (in sunny but chilly Spain!)

  • No internet connection for me for a while, so belated merry Christmas and a very happy 2014 already for those of you that are living in the future (in Europe it’s still the old year!)

    Thank you Imogen for a wonderful blog and all the valuable advice that you share for free, much appreciated.

    I’d have some very specific questions that you may just answer here rather that in posts:
    1. is there any colour combination that you still wouldn’t go for despite the colours matching each other in intensity and tone? A red and a turqouise combo palatable? (Say both cool and bright, but still looks odd to me.)
    2. You said that with time our colouring might change. How? Is it that some redheads become cool as time passes? Can a cool person ever become warm? Can we have different colouring when we are a baby to when we are twenty? We lose from our brightness as we age – is that always the case? But how rapidly and how quickly does that happen? Do people actually have to reevaluate their colour swatch over the years? And aside from all that, is there any lady in their 70s who still suits bright colours?

    Thanks so muchin advance and happy new year again!

    • As far as red and turquoise go – I love them as a combo – but can appear too much – so maybe a turquoise necklace with a red top, rather than two garments at once!

      • Thank you! My personal favourite colour combination to go with turquoise is purple! But alongside a bright teal/emerald green is also fantastic imo. I just often wonder about red, a deep bright cool red is a great colour on me, but I’m never quite sure whether it really goes with other bright colours, such as turquoise or cool bright pink, even though I know that in theory it should be fine. As I was growing up, my mum never had anything against blue and green together, but she had a similar mantra about how red and pink should never be combined! I’m sure she was similarly wrong!

  • I’d love to see a column about vests. I have a jean vest that I adore but I am running out of ideas for it. Putting it on over a sweater or long sleeve T-shirt is getting old. I’d like to explore multiple layers but haven’t had much luck.

    Same with mixing patterns with the vest. It’s a plan vest but patterns with a vest just don’t look right to me for some reason.

  • Hi Imogen,

    I just wanted to say how much I have loved reading your blog. I came across it a few weeks ago when I did a search for ways to wear a scarf and your video popped up. I have since spent chunks of time reading all your past posts. I especially love that you write for women of all shapes, colors, and lifestyles. There is no shortage of “fashion” advice in magazines and such but the majority of that advice, in my opinion, is tailored to professional women who work in an office environment in a big city (who also, might I add, supposedly have large budgets to spend on the latest and greatest every season). I have absolutely no interest in being “fashionable”, I would much rather be stylish and timeless.

    I have found your content on colors and patterns very helpful, I have always been a neutral kind of gal simply because I was never sure how to successfully mix colors and choose patterns. Also, I LOVE your capsule concept. That is exactly the streamlined, cohesive wardrobe ideal that I always had floating around in my head but didn’t quite know how to achieve. I always had too many orphans and standalone items. You have inspired me this year to organize accessory capsules in each of my pop colors (I’m going to use one of those shoe storage things that hang on the back of the door with pockets) and do one color of accessories in every row.

    This year I would love to see posts on what to wear for occasions outside of your normal everyday wardrobe. I know you have done posts on what to wear to weddings etc. but I would be interested to see posts on what to wear for more casual events where you still want to look nice but everyone else has pretty much just gone for practical comfort (e.x. sporting and outdoor events, BBQs, a weekend at a lake house). Thanks for all you do and Happy New Year!

    • Hi Laura,

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I’m glad that you’re finding the information here useful and applicable to your life. I will do some blog posts as suggested! Watch out for them!

  • Another thought: Please could you do some articles (rather than videos) about where to store your clothes. ( thinking about what type of clothing is best hung in a wardrobe OR folding on a shelf in the wardrobe OR in chest of drawers alongside the wardrobe). shirts, knits, cardigans, trousers and jeans etc. So storage verses accessibility and being able to see all clothing options as much as possible, if you get my drift. … thanks

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