Tips for Belting When You Don’t Have a Defined Waist


Tips for belting when you don't have a defined waist

If you don’t have a defined waist, but find dresses or cardigans that you like that come with a tie belt, this short video will show you how to do it best to flatter your figure.

Tips for Belting an Undefined Waist

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  • Great tip Imogen, I recently discovered this trick myself , after years of wearing a self tie belt if supplied I started to find my changing body shape did not like the look. It’s only a small change but one with great impact.

  • Great tip, Imogen! I’ve tended to avoid these type of dresses but I do have a couple lurking at the back of my wardrobe from my slimmer days, so maybe it’s time to pull them out and try again!

  • What a fabulous tip! My shape recently changed due to osteoporosis (three compressed vertebrae in my upper back) which caused me to lose two and a half inches and a resulted in a wider middle section. I went from having a small waist which I always defined to having no waste. I have had to change my entire way of dressing.

    I love your posts and have learned so much from them in the short space of time that I saw your name on Facebook.

    Thank you.

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