How to Choose the Correct Sleeve Length


Are there any rules for the right sleeve length?

Finding the Right Sleeve Length

Jacket and long sleeves should usually end just below the wrist bone for most women.  A too short sleeve makes your arms look longer and that you’ve outgrown the garment.  A too long sleeve makes the arms look short and that the garment is too large for you.

Also consider your arm shape.

Sleeve Length

And consider your body shape.


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  • Even petite tops leave me with a bunch of extra material at the wrist. I used to push a full length sleeve up my arm to 3/4 length or fold the cuff back a couple of times, but was never happy with all that extra bulk. Now I only wear 3/4 length sleeves. I was wondering if it’d be OK to wear a bracelet (something delicate, not a cuff) or if I shouldn’t ever call attention to my hips (my widest body part) with a flash of jewelry at my hip when I stand naturally.

  • With my long arms, many sleeves are too short and I look like stuff shrank in the wash…awful. I must admit that I actually get a little thrill out of a sleeve that’s too long!

  • Great explanation & visuals per usual! I was wondering just the other day if there was a spot on the arm that short sleeves or 3/4 sleeves were supposed to end at. Now I know it’s more about relation to the rest of your body vs having it end so many inches away from the elbow/wrist.

  • Ha! I did a google search because I wasn’t sure about the sleeve length on a jacket I have, and this was the first hit! I should have known to just come search here first!

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