What I’ve Been Wearing – No Repeat November


Here are a few of the outfits I’ve been wearing this NoRepeat November so far.

NoRepeat November 1


Here’s what I’m wearing (or similar cos it’s old):

Red and Black outfit:

Blue Leather Outfit

Derby Day Outfit

Blue and Stripe outfit

Blue and Turquoise 

Oaks Day
Oaks Day

How are you going with this style challenge?  Have you discovered anything yet about the clothes you tend to want to wear more frequently or those that you never wear (if you’ve tried to wear them)?


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  • Nov 1: Patagonia jeans, green faux-wrap sweater, orange tank-top, orange eyeshadow
    Nov 2: Black yoga pants, black tank, green long-sleeve t-shirt
    Nov 3: Gray cord. skirt, teal t-shirt, argyle high socks, native-pattern cardigan
    Nov 4: Gray tweedy skirt, boots, orange sweater over dark blue t-shirt
    Nov 5: Dark gray pants, wine tank, wine long sleeve t-shirt, light gray cardigan, suede black shoes
    Nov 6: Checked pants, bordeaux knit over black tank, black flat Clarks, pearls
    Nov 7: Gray tweedy skirt, black tunic tucked in, dark red cardigan, black boots

    And counting.

  • Day 1: Purple long-sleeved top, pink jeans and multi-coloured scarf with both pink and purple in it.
    Day 2: White blouse with black pendant, plaid skirt (grey, white, black and red), black tights and shoes.
    Day 3. Grey short-sleeved t-shirt with dark navy jeans, red watch and red shoes.
    Day 4. Bright blue long-sleeved top with dark brown trousers.
    Day 5. Red and dark navy striped jumper with black trousers.
    Day 6. Purple long-sleeved top (same as day 1 – I forgot till I put it on!), gold necklace, dark navy jeans, green shoes.
    Day 7. Green long-sleeved top with navy jeans.

    I’m thinking I may need to buy some more jeans as my navy ones in particular are my go-to choice for everyday wear!

  • I’ve discovered that I have a type of “uniform”, and wear the same shapes every day. I’ve been encouraged to try to wear things that are outside the box (such as wearing a leather jacket indoors, which I usually reserve for outdoors)

  • Successes:

    twill-ish brown/black skirt, brown short sleeve turtle neck sweater, jean vest, black tights and brown boots

    koi blazer, skinny jeans, white cami and floral print wedge sneakers

    black blazer, sparkly top, skinny jeans and black knee high boots

    colored skinny jeans, blue polka dot top, black knee high boots and suede black jacket with ruffles

    Red jean jacket, black cami, skinny jeans and motorcycle boots


    plaid top, pink cami, jean vest, leopard print reversable jeans and grey knee high boots. Too much was going on in this outift but I made myself wear it all day!

    I’ve realized I could really use some different pants in my wardrobe, I wear jeans all the time. Having some nice gray/kakih pants could really freshen things up. I’ve also found that a somewhat masculine outfit like my koi blazer one really shows off my figure. As an I shape I can pull off more masculine looks very easily.

    And I LOVE my reversible jeans! One side is a dark demin and the other side is leopard print, they are way more verstiale than I gave them credit for. It’s an easy way to change up an outfit and if I don’t like it I can just go in the bathroom and reverse the jeans.

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