One Blouse Worn Four Ways


One issue that many women have is how to work their everyday clothes into something they can also wear out in the evening.
It’s quite easy to change accessories to make that garment become more versatile – dressing it up and down.

One Blouse two ways


If you have a soft blouse like this one, it’s a no-brainer to dress it up and down. Just think about changing the accessories – more sensible during the day, more fun at nighttime. Adding more colour – such as these red pumps. And swapping your daytime handbag for a clutch.

One Blouse Two MOre Ways

Don’t forget that the fabrics you choose to work with your blouse will also make it appear more or less formal.  A denim jacket will dress down a straight skirt and blouse for Casual Friday at work.  A pair of jeans and leather jacket will make it a stylish top for a weekend lunch date.

Getting more mileage from your wardrobe is one of the foundations of the NoRepeat November Style Challenge – are you finding new ways to work existing pieces in your wardrobe?


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