The Benefits of Attractiveness



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  • Wow, there’s some scary food for thought right there. We really are a very visual species. (You’d think we’d be better at it by now!!)

  • Gosh, I find this depressing.. It sometimes seems that we have completely lost our moorings in Western culture. It’s wonderful to want to groom and dress attractively to please yourself first, and secondarily others. But if the consequences of appearance are truly so dire…if things beyond your control like your height at age 15 have such a big impact on your future, something is wrong, if you ask me.

    Some very “beautiful” people are not so attractive under the facade.

    • Judy, I don’t think I can be described as beautiful, however I have been reasonably successful in several different careers in spite of being only 5′ 1″, so don’t let this report depress you! Also, my son is not very tall either (5′ 8″) but has a very good job as a Publicity Manager for a publisher in spite of this. My view is that talent and hard work will be rewarded!

    • I’d look at this more as attractiveness rather than beauty. Good personal presentation has been shown to take you further in life. You don’t have to be naturally beautiful to use this information to your advantage.

  • Thanks.

    Control what you can control, let go of what you can’t, in other words. Clothes, make up, hair, fitness….can be magical.

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