April Style Challenge Wrap


Who do you want to beCan you believe it? It’s already May? The year is flying by, and in fact in just over 1 week I’ll be flying to the USA to attend this year’s AICI conference in Phoenix Arizona.

My question to you today is now that you’ve completed 1 or more of the April style challenges, what did you learn about your personal style?

Did you find your Style Statement?

Did you discover new colour combinations?

Did you find great new ways to combine your wardrobe?

Did you enjoy the capsule wardrobe challenge?

Did you play with accessories and try out some different looks?

Share with me what you enjoyed and discovered over the month of April!


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  • Accessories: yes, finally wore a belt. Otherwise as usual.

    Colours: yes, wore more colours together, rather than neutral & one colour. Small additions, but still.

    Capsule: eh, most of my wardrobe is a capsule, no news here. I think it led me to alter some pants though.

    Personal style: adjectives exercise was fun and useful.


  • Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the April Style Challenge, and it did give me some new combinations, so thank you for that!

    With a bit of help from you, I decided that my Style was Colourfully Relaxed. I took it further as I recently bought the book “Style Statement”, which encourages you to find a style that works for all aspects of your life and not just fashion. My conclusion was that my lifestyle Style Statement is Harmonious Cosmopolitan.

    The capsule wardrobe wasn’t too difficult as I have cut back on clothes since doing Project 333, however it turned out colder than forecast so I could have done with two cardigans and not just one! A lesson to be learnt when packing for our holiday in Scotland next month!

  • Wore a retro chain belt over a sweater. (I bought it several months ago but hadn’t been brave enough to wear it.) Did a little work with capsule wardrobe. Plan to do more in the weeks to come! I am getting much more confident in taking my own individual style to the next level because of your blog!

  • My 3daughters &I Itook part in the first 2 weeks & enjoyed sending photos to each other showing what we were wearing. I wore necklaces & brooches with tops I wouldn’t normally & I found the Triadic etc colour schemes a very interesting challenge. It was very timely as I am about to sort out my clothes for winter. I have reassessed my current lifestyle clothing needs & realise I need to change a few things. It was a very interesting & productive exercise! Thanks for the suggestion, Imogen.

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