My Makeup Essentials


My makeup essentials

Eyeshadow base or primer – $25

If you’re like me and find that eyeshadow just ends up in the crease of your eyelid a few hours after you put it on, you want some eyeshadow base/primer. I no longer would even bother putting on eyeshadow without the primer first. It keeps my eyes looking fresh all day and into the night.

Mascara – $20

Even though I’m a brunette, my eyelashes are quite light. Mascara is my desert island product (if I could only have one thing, it would be mascara). I love ones that lengthen my not so long lashes.

Eyebrow pencil – $20

As my eyebrows lighten (along with my hair going grey) I’m needing eyebrow pencil more and more. Eyebrows are the frame for our eyes, without defined brows we lose expression. Eyebrows help make your eyes the focal point of your face. Keep them groomed!

Mineral powder – $42

I used to wear a liquid foundation every day, but these days I’m loving wearing a mineral powder foundation instead. It’s so fast and easy, the colour blends well with my skin and it looks naturally enhanced, rather than overly made up.

Lip Gloss – $27

I love lipstick but most of the time I wear lip gloss.  I have a few tubes of it in my car so I can reapply before I step out of it.  It’s fast and easy and moisturising.  I love this colour called Sugar Plum, it stays on well as it has a slightly tacky consistency.


Skin Care

Plus, like preparing a wall to paint, skin care is important so that you’re not just patching over a super rough surface.  I’m a big fan of exfoliants.  At the moment I’m trialing the new Avon’s ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment which promises some serious wrinkle reduction. I’m taking photos which I’ll show you after my trial month!  If you’d like to trial it (and are in Australia) if you can too – just click here and apply for your trial pack (before 25 March 2013).

Want to try any of my makeup essentials? Just email me and we can discuss your makeup requirements.

What are you makeup essentials?


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  • Great article, thank you!

    My makeup essentials

    Concealer (I like Estee Lauder Double Wear or Lancome Effacernes). I use it as the eyeshadow base.
    Would love to find out about Imogen’s favourite eyeshadow primer!

    I tint my eyelashes (the cost is about $20 in 6 weeks in a salon, but lately I tend to do it at home for $15 a year)

    Eyebrow pencil – $25 – I use Dior pencil that I bought in a discount cosmetics shop in Sydney (the prices there are similar to HK prices as I found after a recent HK trip – happy to share any details).

    Eyebrow gel – keeps brows in place – $3 Essence from Target

    Eyeliner pencil – MAC (around $30)

    Light eyeshadow, dark eyeshadow – Revlon or MAC

    Lipstick – MAC (around $30) I feel that it is better on my palish lips than gloss. I also use the lipstick as blush.

    Brushes (eyeliner, eyebrow, concealer, powder, eyeshadow) – MAC

  • Maybelline BB cream. $8- It events out my skin tone and so far is the only product I’ve found that actually does what it claims and “blends in”.

    Eyeshadow-$1 each for a pallete E.L.F. I have way more than I need since they are so darn cheap. It’s fun to play with colors

    Eyelid primer-$3 E.L.F. My eyeshadow will migrate without it.

    Lipstick $3 from target I can’t remember the brand name. I prefer matte lipstick since gloss/wet products tend to make me look like I just ate something sticky.

    Blush $1 E.L.F

    Brushes $2 worth of eyeshadow brusehs from E.LF. And my blush brush that came from a $30 Bare Minerals kit. Only part of the kit I actually liked.

  • I’m one of those small featured people and the one thing I just can’t live without is the eyeliner from Two faced. It has a comb that goes between your lashes. It defines the eyes makes your lashes look thick and full even without mascara. You can put it on in such a way that others can’t tell your wearing eyeliner and it just makes your lashes look full and thick, or you can put it on thicker to have the appearance of eyeliner.

    My other favorite product is Olay regenerist Night Elixer. I live in a dry climate and have dry skin that flakes, almost looks like a sun burn without the red burn part, but with this stuff I can stay on top of that flakey skin stuff. I still use moisturizers but if I go for a few days without Olay…I get flakes.

    • Sherilyn,

      I am really excited about the eyeliner you described and would love to try it. Would you mind telling me the exact name of it?

  • Sharing my current essentials:

    1) A tinted moisturizer with SPF: this allows me to skip the moisturizer+foundation+powder routine (e.g. Urban Defense by Urban Decay)
    2) Mascara: in brown for a natural look (e.g. Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black/Brown)
    3) A brow gel: if I don’t have time to fill in my brows, this at least keeps them in place (e.g. Benefit Speed Brow)
    4) A blush: for that “healthy glow” look
    5) A moisturizing lipstick: for a comfortable punch of colour (e.g. E.L.F. Mineral Lipstick in Nicely Nude)

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