How to Store Accessories


Our last video in this series Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I talk about how to store accessories, particularly jewellery, as often it remains unworn because it’s difficult to access in your wardrobe.  You can watch the video here.

How do you store your accessories?


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  • Another great video – I have gotten many wonderful tips from this. I also use some cloth lined boxes to stack with various necklaces, bracelets, etc. Having accessories visible and ready to wear is primary. If you don’t see it, you don’t wear it!
    Thanks again. I really love the videos with you and Jill Chivers.

  • The organza bags are a great idea and so are clear ziplock bags which I use.

    Every time I buy a piece of jewellery I put it in a ziplock bag and store it in it’s colour coded drawer. As in all blues in one drawer, all greens in another. That way, the piece stays away from dust and dirt, lasts longer, and you just pop the bag into a container or purse for travel. And if a stone falls out, it might be at the bottom of the bag so you can restick it.

    I have 25 year old jewellery that has lasted this way.

    As for scarves, I’m very iffy about putting them in baskets, drawers, hanging them inside wardrobes as they are such hitchable items that can easily catch on any tiny thing, so I store mine in a clear shoe box, along with my belts and cosmetic purses. All separated and away from dust.

  • I need to see to use (common theme it seems!), but space is at a premium, so…. On the inside of one wardrobe door I have 3 very cheap plastic towel rails, cut to size. Scarves are draped so that they are all visible and the long ends tucked behind the next rail down. Really long scarves are on the middle rail, small squares on the top one and the others (including my grandfather’s silk opera scarves) are on the bottom rail.

    Jewellery is deployed using LOTS of small stick on hooks. Earrings (all of mine are hooked) are paired around the full length mirror on the inside of one wardrobe door (I get 3 of the 5). And the remaining door has more hooks still for necklaces. There is also a rail about half way down with larger hooks on it, and the belts hang here.

    Bracelets are kept on my dresser in old glass comport dishes and rings in a pin dish.

  • Just want to tell you that I love your videos with Jill Chivers, they’re like being at lunch with two friends who are giving you great tips and information. Recently I found the videos about conscious shopping/self worth and they really spoke to me. The idea of being satisfied and happy before, during and after you buy sounds so simple and yet so many times I’ve had 2nd thoughts even before leaving the store. So I’m learning to shop from a list and use the power pause. And I love your ‘would I buy this full price?’ as a a great way to focus on the purchase rather than the sale. I’ve written these ideas on my ‘shopping mantra’ card. I take the card with me as a support – shopping doesn’t come naturally to me so I’m trying to improve the experience. Thank you Imogen and Jill.

  • I keep all my jewelry on my dressing table. I have ornate brass earring & necklace holders which I bought on Ebay. The rest is in an antique wooden cutlery box, which I put dividers & ring holders in.

    I hand my earrings up every night and pick & new pair to wear every morning 🙂

  • Nice video, thanks!
    I used to have these little storage boxes from the hardware store, but they didn’t come in many different sizes and in the end I didn’t like to have only half my accessories organized with these and the other half (the bigger pieces) somewhere else, so I upgraded and bought storage units by Muji. They are not as cheap, but they are beautiful and well made (a kind of very thick transparent acrylic) and come in different sizes and slightly different designs, so I can achieve an aesthetical coherence that I very much appreciate.
    They also have a special design, a kind of min-shelf that can be used for (sun)glasses or maybe little purses, even for scarves or rolled-up belts if you don’t have many.
    I think they don’t have Muji in Australia, but in many other places of the world.
    Im adding a link to their US-online store:

  • I have a minimalist capsule wardrobe so I do not have much jewelry: maybe 8-10 pieces total. I store all my jewelry on a pillar candle holder my husband bought in a thrift shop. It looks like a branching plant, with shallow-cupped, sunflower-shaped disks that the candles sit on. I hang my few necklaces on the branches, and put my two bracelets and earrings in the disks.

    My mother used to put her bracelets, brooches, and earrings in a painted muffin tin or mini-muffin tin. One piece of jewelry went into each compartment. She also used a muffin tin to organize different types of tea bags, sugar cubes, and honey packets in the kitchen.

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