Ever Thought About Getting Your Colours Done? Lady Smaggle Did!



Lady Smaggle learns about contrast in her colour analysis session


I’m currently running an image consultant training course, part of which is learning how to do colour analysis.  As part of the training the students have to drape lots of people to learn what to look for and how to identify the colours which suit each person best.

One of our models this week was Lady Smaggle, who wrote a blog post about her experience which you can read here.

We are currently taking bookings for our next image and colour consultant training course starting 26th November.  We keep classes small – so if you’re interested find out more here or contact me.


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  • I remember, once upon a time and far, far away, that I had a color analysis done using seasons: summer, winter, spring, fall. I even have a distant memory of a book that was purchased that offered additional advise. I think I was a SPRING as the rose color looked good.

    Now, I build my wardrobe capsules on family’s of neutrals. A grey capsule, beige/white capsule, black capsule, brown capsule and now blue -ish. The third piece that would accent the “column of color” for me would have more intense color or pattern that added a little pizazz to the outfit.

    This color analysis was interesting and did identify colors that flattered my skin tone (forget orange). However, combined with other colors that force the orange to recede is possible.

    Does a person’s color (or as we use to say, “SEASON”, change? Does anybody else remember this Season Chart Analysis or did it go the way of Roy Rodgers?

    • Lisa – yes the seasons were the original way to have your colours done, but these days, we’ve moved back to the Munsell science of how colour works as the seaons didn’t offer enough options for the differences that you will find in human colouring. What we tend to find is that as we go ‘grey’ we losing our brightness and become more muted so the more smoky colours will start to be more flattering. Also many people become ‘cooler’ than they were as both black and white are cool.

  • I recently had a personal color analysis, and I too am interested in how aging may affect our best colors. I am 55, so much has already changed about my appearance! But I have practically no gray, and I wonder when the gray eventually comes in, what difference it will make. What do you think, Imogen?

    • Susan you may find when you go grey you will find that you become a little cooler, and that you need to wear more muted or greyed down colours (I think of these as like having a haze of grey smoke passed over the colour).

  • Do you have some imput on occasionally wearing colors that maybe aren’t the very best, but that you still love and want to include in your wardrobe? And I mean, like a blouse or sweater, not just an accessory or something you wear far away from your face.

    I have reddish hair and my coloring is fair with yellow undertones. A “spring” season, and I’m 50’ish.

    Don’t you agree that sometimes for the sake of making yourself happy with that special find, that you can add more color to your cheeks and pick a nice shade of lipstick and play with eye color to pull it off? (Pease say, yes!)

  • Ah color theory I love the whole concept of it and had my initial color analysis done in the early 90’s. I was identified as a ‘Summer”. Although I loved the colors I just never thought they looked good on me. I was always drawn to the fall colors.
    Last year I decided to get a new color analysis with the new system. I am indeed a true Fall, I am so much happier and people are noticing me not my colors. I do not nor never have looked good in the LBD and have decided to move away from black in my wardrobe so now I have the little navy dress instead I too want to learn how to finesse a black dress with an alternation to my usual makeup colors.
    Sometimes the best choice for an event is a black dress. Can you show us how to get away with wearing a color that is usually not our best color?

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