How Good is Your Colour Vision?


The results of my colour vision test

I spend a lot of time looking at colour. I spent over a year of my life developing a personal analysis colour system based on the scientific work of Albert Munsell who discovered the properties of colour.

I have always thought that I have good colour acuity and have noticed that I can pick up differences in colours that others don’t see so easily, so I was interested in taking this test to see how good my colour vision really is.

1 in 255 women and 1 in 10 men have colour deficit of some sort, pretty common really!

Fortunately, I have perfect colour vision. How good is your perception of colour? Take the test and find out.


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  • Very interesting-I scored an 8 and was low in Y/G and B/G hues near one another. Those were the two rows I fiddled with the most, and had to move tiles to see the difference in them. Thanks!!

  • Very enlightening!
    I’ve discovered in the last few years (I’m 50) that I don’t see colors as good as others. In fact, I often have my husband help me with buying home furnishings. My score was 124, so I guess that proves it!

  • I also got a perfect score.

    All I can say is I often see slight color variations when shopping and trying to assemble outfits. These variations just make me crazy, but the salesperson I’m working with says that she can’t see the difference.

  • That was fun! I scored 4, with trouble in the yellow/green range.

    Your score: 4
    Gender: Female
    Age range: 60-69
    Best score for your gender and age range: 0
    Highest score for your gender and age range: 1520
    0 ( Perfect Color Acuity )99 ( Low Color Acuity )

  • I scored a 10!! I thought I was quite good with colors, but the test was harder than I thought!! Thank you for the link, Imogen, it was fun doing it!

  • Thank you for clarifying the “good” range since the test didn’t seem to do that. It was fun and at 64 y.o. I scored a 15.

  • I scored 8… maybe something wrong with my computer-screen-settings, as i can go shopping and come home with perfectly matched items – even to some, i have in my wardrobe…

  • i scored an 11. pretty good! interestingly the area i struggled in was the blues/greens, which are major colors in my wardrobe. hm.

  • (Laughing.) I got dizzy looking at the first row of colors of the test, and couldn’t even start to arrange them! That doesn’t seem normal, does it??

  • I scored a 3 and probably could’ve done better if my computer monitor were of better quality. It’s pretty easy to arrange colors when they’re juxtaposed. The trick is to look at a color on its own and assess where it lies in the spectrum. THAT would be a skill I’d like to have.

  • I scored a cero too!
    Wow, I have perfect color vision, that makes me happy 🙂
    I am 63 and use glasses to read so you see, neither age nor glasses have something to do with it. But I do work a lot with colors a lot being an artesan.

  • Wow, I scored a 78, at 38 years of age. No wonder I have quite a bit of difficulty picking clothing colours and dressed like a zebra married to a parakeet when I was a spring chicken. Which I enjoyed.

  • Wow , I had zero at 42 years of age !! I’m sooo happy.So there is not a coincidence ,my hobby is computer graphics , a major part of it is choosing lipstick colors to match makeups , choosing skin tones , iris colors etc .The fact is that I feel a great pleasure to work on it and I understand better why , as I like to play with very subtle color changes in Photoshop . I also wear eyeglasses so it has nothing to do with it . I’ve surprised some people as I can see different tints in white clothes or cars ..thank you !!!

  • I scored a zero but I’m not surprised.
    (I’m 25 years old)

    I’m extremely picky about matching items. The colors have to be exactly the same or it bothers me.
    And it’s really hard to find clothing from different manufacturers with the exact same shade.

    My friends usually laugh at me and tell me I’m silly, since they can’t make out a difference.
    Now at least I can tell them that I just see more shades of colour than they do.

    Also I studied fashion design and color and trim car design 🙂
    Seems like people with perfect colour vision tend to do something with art, fashion or graphics

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