Do You Prefer to Bargain Hunt or Pay Full Price?


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My father is a scientist, and when I was growing up we often discussed theories around the dinner table, but there always had to be a relevant, recognized study one could use to back up your point of view.

For instance my hair started going grey at the age of 15 and I said to my Dad that it was because I was stressed, and he asked me which medical journal hadrepublished the study that proved my theory.

So I’m often coming up with ideas and theories and so without telling you what it is, would like you all to participate in my research.

I want to know if you love to bargain hunt (or barter) or are you happy to pay full price?  Plus I want to know alittle of your eating habits.



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  • For me it depends: if I actually need something, I’ll pay full price easily. If it’s just for fun, I’ll look for a bargain.

  • There was not a lot of room to explain my shopping/eating preferences on the survey. Due to health concerns I was put on a low sodium, low fat, and low cholesterol diet. It is around 1200 calories a day. The only perk in this was that I lost over 55 pounds and returned to my size 4 pre-menopause size.

    So, a lot of shopping was called for as my vintage clothing (purchased new 30 years ago) needed support as they were called back into action.

    My shopping strategy: Focus on one or two items that really need to be purchased each season and buy the most expensive items I can afford. I decided that the upcoming Fall Fashion Season (I live in Chicago and we are experiencing a hot summer right now) is a good pair of tall boots. So, after perusing many sites and stores, I pre-ordered a pair of Chloe boots –pebble brown leather with a heel–from Neiman Marcus. It is my investment piece.

    THEN, I go shopping and place all the items I love in shopping carts from various websites. Over the course of a season, if finances allow, I may choose a few of these items to purchase. I check back to see if any of them go on sale throughout the season. If not, I leave them there. At the end of the season as sales start (they are always on in the U.S.), I may purchase some of those items still in the remaining in my on-line shopping carts. That is how I picked up a pair of Doo Ri pants at Shopbop one year. By some miracle my size made it through to the final sale 70% discount. I had a gift card on top of it and was able to pick up a VERY expensive (over 700) dollar pair of pants for under 200.00.

    Tanks, tee shirts and small items (under 50.00) that are needed or need replacing are budgeted for the season. I set around 200.00 aside for each season to cover any small items that need replacing.

  • I tried to put my answer in other but well…it didn’t fit! I am prior vegetarian who is now a reluctant meat eater who loves the thrill of bargain shopping (especially if it’s vintage) on everything except purses and shoes. Those two things I usually always pay full price for and never even bat an eye about!

  • I’m another in-betweener. I try to do several meatless meals a week (but omnivorous all the same) and I TEND to be a bargain hunter but will pay full price for something I know I want and it won’t be there when it goes on sale.

  • Oops – I thought you wondered if I bargain shopped for meat which I do not! However I do bargain shop for clothes, epecially thrift store shopping. Sorry if I goofed up your survey.

  • I could eat sashimi or sushi every day and like to eat my vegetables raw too but I also love steak and pork. I steer away from pasta and bread since carbs make me sluggish. I am on a super tight budget but try to shop in a healthy way and use stevia instead of sugar. I bargain hunt for simple clothing items but will splurge if a piece really pulls me in (rare). I sew, so I do my own alterations and some clothing but a great print can seduce me!

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