What to Buy in the Sales


What to buy in the sales

It’s sales season.   And it’s really easy to get lured in by seeming to be bargains that end up being things you just don’t need or wear.  So if you really feel you need to go shopping, or are on a budget and want to the most bang for your bucks, what are the items I’d suggest that you look for in the sales?

  1.  Boots – any length that you wear regularly
  2. Great flat shoes (everyday shoes)
  3. Winter coat
  4.  Jeans
  5. Great high-quality merino wool and cashmere knitwear
  6. Blazers and Jackets
  7. Everyday dress pants (if you wear trousers to work – get the best quality at a fabulous price)
  8. Quality handbag

Don’t be lured in the sales to buy clothes that you wouldn’t wear normally, clothes that might be handy one day, just because they’re cheap. This is the time to steel your nerves and really hunt down some fabulous items.

This list is all of those staple items that we all need in our wardrobes, that can get worn out over time, and because they’re costly, we may put off replacing. So if you start looking for them in the sales you have a better chance of finding something that will last through the next 5 seasons or even more (some of my boots I’ve had 10+ years).

Avoid the end of season, end of trend clothes that you may find in the sales that nobody bought or that the trend is now on the wane, there is no point in buying into a trend when it’s cheap as you won’t get the value and cost-per-wear of the item.

Look for clothes in colours that flatter you – there is no point in buying something that is warm if you’re cool as it’s just never going to make you look great and will end up a waste of money.

The more you know about what suits you – your body shape and proportions, your features, your personality your colouring – the better decisions you’ll make so you do manage to grab items you really love, rather than spending money on things that you don’t wear or that don’t love you.  This is why I recommend you get this information from a program such as my 7 Steps to Style- where you’ll discover your colours and styles of clothes that really suit you.

Just remember, don’t go shopping if you really don’t need anything and are just trying to fill an emotional hole.  Shop with a list and shop only for what is fabulous and stirs your soul.

What do you always look to purchase in the sales?

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  • Great post!! My list for the sales has a pair of straight leg blue denims and a pair of good quality exercise shoes, can’t live without either of these!!

  • I only recently learned that outside the US, it is the norm to have only two annual sales, and so now I understand this kind of post. Here there are standard sales nearly every month, named after holidays (so, for example, in February we have Presidents’ Day sales, in May it’s Memorial Day sales, June has Father’s Day sales). Plus some stores (Macy’s, I’m looking at you) have a sale nearly every weekend; you’d be a fool to pay full price at those stores, as there is a coupon in the newspaper every week plus a sale of some kind over the weekend.

  • I’m beginning to realize that it’s not sensible to pay full price for items available in a number of stores or in a chain; wait a few weeks and it will probably be on sale.

    However, I find that these quality items you mention often don’t go on sale. I bought a great trench this year but between the time I bought and sale time….it was gone everywhere. I found a great pair of fall flat shoes; only available in one store and my size sold out the day they came in. Often, in the sales, I find cheap trendy items, or tough to wear colours, or weird styles of shoes. So, if I see a great basic that I need, I sometimes buy it at full price, and then buy little else for the season.

    • Christine – yes sometimes you have to get the really great items at full price. But so many people buy for the sake of buying in sales and never wear the clothes!

      • Guilty as charged. I buy things in sales that often don’t work for me, in some way. I try only to buy things that are basics on sale, but I have often picked “orphan” items that go with nothing and that I really don’t love.

        There has to be an easier way!

  • Great list. I also look out for classic, quality accessories and jewelery.
    Imogen, would you have any idea where in Sydney you can buy reasonably priced cashmere? (Wool makes me itch.) I’ve been searching for a slim fit black cashmere cardi, but have seen nothing under $300…

    • Not sure in Sydney Pippa – cashmere in Australia is very expensive – you may find it worthwhile looking online – places like JCrew deliver to Australia and have cashmere cardigans for less than $300

    • Pippa, I’m in Sydney too and haven’t found decently priced cashmere here. I buy from Eric Bompard online and I’m a huge fan of their fitted v-neck – classic, flattering shape (if you’re not incredibly busty), and they add new colours every season. I’m very happy with the quality also as there’s very little pilling.

          • Really? I’ll had over there tomorrow…

            BTW, your suggestion to shop the sales for knee-high boots reminded me that my current black suede ones need replacing. With just this target in mind I went shopping in the Sydney cbd yesterday and ended up finding the most flattering and comfortable pair I’ve ever tried (not expensive either – Soft Soul $119 down from $200) – so great I bought 2 pairs!

            I think the moral of the story is that because I was focusing on 1 real need – not 20 ‘desires’ – I had a better chance of success…

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