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Verily Cross Your Heart Dress

I love dresses, they are so easy to wear, comfortable and look stylish, particularly as they’re so low effort – only 1 garment to think about rather than trying to match proportions and colours of tops and bottoms.

The other day I received this Verily dress and am loving it.   This is a really versatile and flattering.   What I love about it is that you can tie the cross-over straps lower if you’re a V shape and higher up if you’re an H shape (or V shape) who doesn’t want to emphasise their waist.

Here is is tied lower:

Verily - Australian fashion for the Australian lifestyle

My necklace comes from Mangowood Boutique and I love teaming a dress with a comfy knee-high boot in cooler weather.  Warm and practical.  Today I threw over a light blue merino cardigan when I went out to a meeting.

Dresses are such an easy way of dressing on a day to day basis.   I’ve realised that in the past year, I wear my dresses more often than anything else in my wardrobe.  I’m a true dress convert!


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  • It is always nice to see clothes on real people. It fits you great and I love how it “hugs” you body.
    Thank you for sharing the picture!
    Do you like the fabric, did you press it or wash? On the website models wear quite wrinkly staff.
    I have two of the same style. But my bust doesn’t fit in them anymore.
    Time to shop! LOL!

  • Love this, and love dresses in general, too. I’m a big fan of dresses. I just wish they were practical on a motorcycle.

    I have a problem with wrap dresses, though. They always seem to cut across my breasts strangely (32C). I like how your dress comes in enough around the neck and has enough material that the material overlaps naturally in the cleavage (and is modest). So many have more a more lateral overlap, even expensive DvF wrap dresses, which usually means one breast is cut in half, and often the neckline is too low and gapes. The Verily website has some fantastic stuff – I wish there was a US retailer or that the exchange rate wasn’t so unfavorable (to us) right now!

  • Hi Imogen. The dress looks great on you – it is really flattering. I love a wrap dress and have quite a few as they are so easy to wear and as you have shown, they are very flattering. Jo

  • love dresses but really only wear them in summer (I have about 20 in my collection). Being super long legged and super short waisted, I have tried so many times with ”classic wrap” style but they never feel quite right in winter. I wonder what I am doing wrong?

    • Susan – the waist of the dress probably doesn’t hit you at the correct point. Plus wrap styles may not work so well with the really short waisted as they draw attention to your waist. Instead look for more of a tunic or sheath style of dress that has no obvious waist detail.

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