Help Me to Find Cleo


My whippet Cleo who is lostMy gorgeous whippet Cleo went missing on Monday afternoon in Canberra where we’re on holiday. She escaped from my parents house in Cook, looking for me (I was out with the kids). She is rather timid and scared of other dogs, but has a gorgeous nature and we really miss her.

If you have seen her please contact me. If you know anyone in Canberra please can you share this blogpost on their Facebook or your Twitter, the more people looking out for her the more chance we have of finding her.

Cleo has a red collar with a tag on it, plus she is microchipped.

Here she is in motion


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  • I’m in England, so I can’t be much help in finding her-but I am sending you and Cleo good thoughts-and I hope you are back together SOON!

  • Oh my goodness; I’m so sorry! I’m glad to hear she is microchipped, and I look forward to hearing that she’s been returned to you.

  • Hi imogen,
    Mum says in New Zealand we contact the SPCA in the local area. If you don’t have an SPCA find out where the local vet is and ring them. Here it is illegal to turn any animal away if they get dropped off. Dad is the chairperson of our Vet club committee .Do they have an SPCA in Canberra? If the place we’re you are staying has a printer and photoshop you could select the photo of Cleo part and post it at the front desk or you could stick pictures to lamp posts,especially near a local school where people go all the time or you could stick a photo up of her in the nearest supermarket because lots of people would go there. You could ring the radio station and maybe you could even offer a reward. I’ve seen people do all this sort of thing before. Don’t forget to put your phone number on.I do hope that you find your dog Cleo and I love your pictures.
    from Michaela.

  • I hpoe you find her my dog ran away a few years ago but she found her own way home 3 days later which amazed me when i heard barking coming from outside.

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  • So sorry to hear this Imogen. You must all be feeling frantic. At least your parents live in the area so hopefully she will come wandering back to the house eventually. All the best!

  • Imogen – try contacting Domestic Animal Services on 6207 2888 or call Canberra Connect 132 281 as well as the RSPCA.

  • Sending lots of positive energy and hope that you & Cleo are reunited soon. I’m sure you’ve already done flyers in the area, and contacted all the nearby vets. You can also try all of the free papers that have lost & found remembering the Quokka (paper for classified ads) if that is available in that area. Anywhere online that has a similar section is good too, including freecycle cafes, gumtree, etc. Good luck.

  • Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry to hear that. I can’t imagine the distress. Hoping and praying that your family is reunited with Cleo ASAP.

    My mom adores Whippets, and Cleo is a beautiful dog.

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