How to Conceal Dark Circles Under Your Eyes


How to Conceal Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Many of us as we get older get dark shadows around our eyes and this will make us look tired.  So how can you easily conceal the shadows to make you look fresher faced and more youthful.  Check out this quick video on how to conceal dark circles under your eyes.


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  • Thanks Imogen! I’ve been plagued with dark bags around my eyes since my 20’s (it must be hereditary) but never been successful with completely concealing them. “You look tired” is an often-heard comment by well-meaning folks. So, I’ll give it another try. Specifically, what is the concealer you use? Do you have a recommendation for darker Asian skin?

    • I use a stick concealer that has a slight orange tint to it (as my bags are blueish). If your under eye circles are more purplish, then go for a slightly yellow tinted concealer. It’s worth going to a department or drug store and trying on a bunch til you find one that works with your skin colour. It’s shouldn’t be darker than the rest of your face, but neither should it be a whole lot lighter as then you look like you’ve been skiing and sunburned around your ‘googles’

  • Hi Imogen, really good information. I have always had dark circles. I used some of my mother’s foundation when a teenager at school to try to cover them, I was always conscious of them. Now I am almost 70, I have wrinkles in this area, so constantly need to check the concealer etc and re blend with cotton bud! Am experimenting with types of concealer and foundation, and will give Inika mineral powder a test soon, they say it doesn’t stay in wrinkles! I tried your tips yesterday and felt brighter. I love all your information, thanks so much. Elizabeth

  • Imogen, another helpful post. I have very dark circles and willl look for a yellowish concealer to camoflage the purple areas under my eyes. Question: Do you recommend mineral powder foundation and concealers over creamier types? Elizabeth mentioned Inika mineral powder because it does not “stay in wrinkles.” I will have to investigate that product, not sure if it is sold in the US. What other brands would you recommend?
    Also, my eye color changes depending on the colors worn near my face, almost navy blue, blue-green. Will have to try eye shadow colors to see what suits best for the eye color of the day. I normally use eyeliner in a rich navy blue or brown for the blue-green days, brown-black mascara, taupe eyebrow powder or pencil. My eyes are deep set so I try lighter colors around my eyes. Your posts are very helpful.

    • Barbara – I love mineral powders, but also use some cream camouflages too. Creams can sit in lines. Depends on your skin. There are many many mineral ranges these days – just go to the store and try one out. There are lots sold in the USA (go to Sephora, their own range is good). With blue to green eyes the best eyeshadow colours are: soft pinks, soft cool browns, greys and navy. You’re completely on the right track.

  • I’ve had dark circles under my eyes basically all my life (my allergy doctor, when I was 15, called them “allergic shiners” so I guess it’s common when you have allergies). Fortunately, NO bags, the skin there is smooth and tight.

    As a result of the dark circles, I’ve used undereye concealer basically all my life, even when I haven’t worn any other makeup except maybe mascara and lip gloss most days.

    For the past decade or so I’ve used a yellow-based concealer that seems to work really well.

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