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Your Brand in a Business Card

How many networking events, conferences and meetings have you exchanged business cards with attendees? How many business cards are sitting around in desk drawers and card files and you can’t for the life of you remember who that person was? Given that this is a common problem, and I needed to get some new business cards printed, I spent quite some time thinking about how to make my card more memorable, more marketable, and remarkable so that it wouldn’t end up in the round file (bin) as so many cards do.


bespoke image
The wardrobe doors

I’ve been reading the book Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy by Martin Lindstrom which is all about the psychology of why we buy.  One of the points he makes is that you need to make a business card more memorable in someway or other.  So I spent ages thinking how do I turn a small piece of card, that needs to fit into a standard business card file, into something more exciting and finally I came up with the wardrobe door concept.


Bespoke Image contact details

One the back is my regular card with contact details, so that you can slip it into a card file and easily see my details.

Bespoke Image services
Bespoke Image services


But open the wardrobe, and my services are revealed, along with a photo, which should help to jog the memories or the people I meet so that they remember me more clearly.

The doors tell you a little about what I do before you even open them.    Quickly people will remember that I work with wardrobes and image.

The card was designed by AJD Creative who were great to work with.

Can you think of an unusual design or feature that would work in your business environment on your business cards?

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  • I discovered your site this morning through a blog post on YouLookFab. Love your card! I would feel special just receiving a card like that 🙂 Off to explore your other posts!

  • Great business card! And your name, Imogen is destiny! You were meant to be an image consultant from the moment you were born, from the moment you were named Imogen. (Imogen = Image)

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