Celebrate with Me it’s my 3rd Blogiversary!


winner best Lifestyle blog awardToday is my 3rd Birthday of Inside Out Style. I want to thank all you lovely readers who have stuck with me over the years, and also all welcome all you new readers and say just how much I appreciate you all.

During these past 3 years I’ve won 1 blog award and been a finalist in another, and nominated for a third.  I really appreciate your support in these matter!

So where do you come from? According to my analytics in order number of visitors you’re most likely to come from one of the following countries:

1. United States
2. Australiafinalist best blog award 3. United Kingdom
4. Canada
5. Germany
6. New Zealand
7. Netherlands
8. Singapore
9. India
10. Ireland
11. France
12. Finland
13. Philippines
14. Italy
15. Sweden
16. Norway
17. Malaysiabest australian blog award
18. Russia
19. Hong Kong
20. Slovenia
21. Romania
22. Mexico
23. South Africa
24. Poland
25. Hungary

Though that is the top 25 and I’ve had visitors from 198 countries!

The most popular posts are those Real Life Body Shapes – thanks to all who sent me photos and allowed to use them on here! Everyone really appreciates them as it’s great to see real bodies that haven’t been digitally manipulated.

And since I started in 2008 I’ve written 644 posts!

One of the joys of being an image consultant is how much it has improved my own body image. That my clients let me into their personal space and happily get changed in front of me has allowed me to see lots and lots of women of all shapes and sizes. Seeing all these real bodies has made me be much less critical of my own and to also realise just how distorted the media’s portrayal of women’s bodies really is.  I really hope that this blog and seeing those Real Life Body Shapes has helped you feel good about your body.  We are all different and there is no ‘right’ as everyone is beautiful in their own unique way.

You’ll be aware I recently moved from blogger to wordpress (and sorry, I managed to stuff up moving my subscribers, so I ‘d love you all to resubscribe – see all the options in the right sidebar). But I really wanted to add in a Forum feature so that we can further connect and I can answer some of those little question more quickly than I can write blog posts, and so that you all can share what you’ve learned dressing your own bodies.

I’d also love you to share on the Inside Out Style forum things like who your hairdresser is (if you’ve gone one you love) For each city, start a new post so that others can easily search to find someone local to them.   Let’s make this a great resource, and to do that I need you to share!


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  • Happy Blogiversary! Found your website three weeks ago but wish I’d come across it three years ago – I love all your helpful advice!

  • Ok, I am confessing: I am your mexican reader… I do hope you have more, because your blog is worth reading. I have been following you on and off for some two years now, and you blog has been one of the inspirations to start (together with a stylish friend) our own website. My personal favourite section is the “stylish thoughts” inteviews.

    Congratulations and keep the good job! Thank you!

    • How exciting getting to meet a Mexican reader! I’m really happy that you read my blog and have left this comment and that you’ve started your own blog. Glad you’re loving the Stylish Thoughts too!

  • Time flies…it does not seem that long ago. You certainly have earned all the awards and recognition. I cannot believe how you have really developed this blog over the years. I have enjoyed the journey and have learned so much along the way. Thank you for keeping the forward momentum going and finding new ways to connect, learn, and share our passion for style. Also, for the support and encouragement to move forward on our personal style journey.

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