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Today I’m introducing you to Adelaide based colour consultant & stylist Lizzy Eden of Fashion with a Friend.

Lizzy Eden
Lizzy Eden: Fashion with a Friend

1. What is the secret to great style?

Being honest and true to yourself and really reflecting your own authentic personality through your clothing; when you do this confidence and comfort follow.

2. What is the one thing you would spend a lot of money on?

A top quality pair of long leather boots that are versatile and comfortable and will last years to come.

3. What’s the secret to looking polished?

Making sure your hair always looks it’s best. We all look fresh and well groomed when healthy neat hair shines.

4. What is your current obsession?

An amazing multi-coloured scarf I bought recently for $30! It’s has many of the colours in my colour swatch and brings amazing versatility to my winter wardrobe and allows my natural colouring to glow.

5. Who inspires me?

Elle Macpherson. I love her effortless and relaxed look that reflects comfort and practicality. She continues to maintaining that relatable style that we can all achieve; which also allows me to feel free to try new ideas.

6. What’s not worth the money?

Any item that is not in your colour direction, regardless of price or current fashion look. Wearing your correct colours will always bring a viewers eye up to your face which is more flattering than any fashion item in the wrong colour.

7. What is my shortcut to style?

I guess that’s easy as I’m quite sporty and dramatic in my personality style. Firstly, I always always wear my correct colours-this works wonders when I look like a dag-I get comments even then! Secondly a great scarf, necklace or bag that brings in a little wow factor helps me to shortcut and cheat also!!

8. My favourite website?

Well of course Bespoke Image/Inside out style! I love Imogen’s website and blog and think I’m a bit addicted!! I continue to learn so much from it and believe I’m the stylist that I am and becoming because of her website and blog. Thanks Imogen keep it coming!


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  • Hi Imogen, I just wanted to let you know I have just discovered your blog, thanks to Nicole from Planning with Kids and I think it is fantastic! Before today I never even realised that I am an 8 shape. I know I am a curvy hourglass figure but I am also short and have a high, short waist and large breasts and couldn’t figure out why I don’t look okay in some clothes recommended for women with hourglass figures. Now I know why! I will be using your style tips from now on to buy clothes for this difficult-to-dress 8 figure shape!
    I also love accessories but am a bit clueless as to how to use them to their full advantage so I am definitely going to purchase your e-book, especially after reading the Planning with Kids blog this morning and seeing Nicole’s photos!
    Thanks again, keep up the great work.

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