The Rules for the Office Christmas Party


It’s that time of year again when the office Christmas party is the order of the day.  What are the rules you should remember, between imbibing the company punch?

The Rules for the Office Christmas Party

1.   Remember, this is still your workplace/work colleagues, the rules of office etiquette still apply, don’t over indulge, you may be too likely to embarrass yourself, something you may find hard to live down the next day, or could potentially ruin your chance of promotion.

2. Be careful what you wear, skimpy outfits are not appreciated by senior management and say to them that you lack good judgement, so therefore you are less likely to be promoted – if you can’t make a good decision about what to wear to the office party, then what other bad decisions might you make?   Now you may think I’m being a bit of a killjoy here, a bit over the top about telling you to dress more conservatively, but I’m telling you what your bosses tell me and what they wish you would understand!

3. Be classy, you will be remembered for that as much as others are remembered for their bad behaviour.  Wear something that you’d be happy to wear around your future mother-in-law, this is not the time to bare all and flash too much cleavage, leg, stomach or back.

Office Party Attire


Don’t forget, one body part at a time, if it’s lower cut, it’s longer hemmed, if it’s thigh high, it covers your chest

Care to share your embarrassing office party moments?


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  • Lets see,
    Raffles Hotel
    23 years old
    told by two Australian colleagues (boys from Brisbane and Melbourne) that Singapore slings don't have much alcohol!
    Then had to sit next to director for Asian operations through 5 course dinner. Oh, and couldn't move my neck because I had been showing my roommate from Texas earlier in the day that indeed I could make my toes touch the back of my head.

    Watch your alcohol intake, especially if someone else is mixing the drinks, or you don't know what you are drinking!

  • It's been decades since I worked in an office – as I own my own business. I have seen so many faux pas's at Christmas Party fiascos. Great advise.

  • Any of these outfits would've been way over the top at my office, which is usually casual (not even business casual).

    – tall & slim anon

  • Had an extra glass of champagne at my very large, very proper company's party… and a friend who worked there (and was in fact a friend of my then boyfriend) and I announced our engagement. I got a call from the President's wife congratulating us and thanking me for adding to the festive note. I had to admit it was a joke.

    I wore a royal blue crepe dress with a high neck and flared skirt, quite proper but it did not stop me from this behaviour. Maybe showing a little cleavage would have kept my rowdy side in check?

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