Glasses – Jewellery for the Face


Many people wear eye glasses, but how many people really take the opportunity to find a frame that expresses their personality, that are not just practical, but are jewellery for the face?


While I was in Manila, I met a lovely image consultant Irene, who had a selection of fabulous frames, and I took a couple of photos to show you.


Plus my friend and Image Consultant colleague from Visual Elegance, also has a pair of glasses that she gets comments from people every day.  She loves them and so does everyone else.  Her frames are from JF Rey and no they’re not the cheapest frames in the shop, but given all the compliments she gets and how much she enjoys wearing them, she feels it was money well spent.

Given that you wear your glasses every day, they are not only functional, but also an aesthetic object, don’t skimp when you make that purchase as it will most likely be years before you buy another pair.  Think about the cost per wear and find a pair that you truly love.  You may need to look further than your local optometrists for the right pair for you.

Rather than trying to make your frames something that people don’t notice (we still see the glasses, no matter how small or light the frames) why not think about making them more of a statement.  Did you know that studies show that we think people who wear glasses are smarter, and a great pair of frames will make you more memorable (so take them off when robbing that bank).

Choosing frames:

They need to be the right size for your eyes – your PD
They need to work with your prescription


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  • About a month ago I had my eyes tested. I thought I needed glasses, and I was looking forward to buying a pair for the fashion statement. I was diappointed when I was told I didn't need them :\

  • I need to get my eyes retested and have been procrastinating. This is a timely post.

    I love Tania's frames. They are amazing…I doubt they'd be found in Spec Savers or Budget Eyewear though.

  • Tracy: no you won't find frames this fabulous at Specsavers, but check out some other non-chain optometrists for a more interesting selection of frames.

  • I went to the optrometrist 2 weeks ago and was prescribed a pair of glasses. I chose these: but in a different color scheme. Yes, they were quite a bit more expensive than in a chain store, but I have to wear these every day so I had better be happy with them!

  • I found some fab Fcuk frames at specsavers actually. Last Friday I got tested, and was extremely shocked when I found out I needed glasses!
    They had some awesome statement ones, but I found some wonderful ones that look great on me, and that's the key. mine – but in pink. They really just look wonderful on and I feel really pleased with them.
    They should be here next week, I'm excited.

  • I consider my eyeglasses one of my most important accessories, and spend accordingly. All of the frames you've shown here are fabulous!

  • Hi, I've been following and enjoying your blog for a while. This post reassured me, as I have worn glasses since I was 12, and learnt long ago to get ones that look fantastic. I had to choose new frames the other week, and they are a gorgeous red that compliments my blue eyes, highlights my lips and suits my face shape. The guy at the store who helped me choose was a genius. I definitely recommend finding an optical store with well-trained and gifted staff.

    As for taking my glasses off when robbing a bank, I would need contact lenses instead. Hmmm, coloured ones would help the disguise…

  • Tania's frames are so pretty!

    I have glasses but I have pretty simple frames. I only wear them rarely (I go for contacts or risk it and go without anything!) but if I wore them every day, I'm sure I'd invest more in some stylish ones!

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