Colours To Look Out For


The latest Pantone colour forecast is out, looking forward to Spring 2011.

The colours we can expect to see are more turquoise blues, chocolate browns, hot pinks, corals, buttercup yellow, silver, lavender and peapod green.

These are not hugely different from the Fall/Winter trends 2010 which are as follows:

Which of these colous will you enjoy adding to your wardrobe?


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  • All but buttercup yellow as I'd look more butterball. These are colours of optimism and energy- do you think that's deliberate, Imogen?

  • Turquoise, brown and silver are my faves of these colors. Just stopping by to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Your video on how to blow dry a bob has changed my life! And your application of science to shape, color and style appeals to my inner fashion scientist (policy researcher IRL). Let me know if you come over to Paris — I want to book my appointment in advance!


  • purple orchid, chocolate truffle, woodbine will be my favourites then.
    Great Blog you've got here, by the way. Very helpful tips, very helpful, thank you.

  • I've been loving the blue reds, so I'm glad lipstick red is hanging around. Actually I like and like wearing almost all of those colors, except the light peachy rose-y ones.

  • Duchesse – yes they are optimistic colours. Hopefully for all those nations that have really been stung hard by the GFC this is a renewed energy to get out of the recession.

    Laparesseuse – absolutely next time I get to Paris I'll let you know! Thanks for your lovely comments.

    I'm excited that brown is back it's a great staple and flattering for many warm people.

    Styleonia – thanks! and thanks for commenting.

    Cynthia – lipstick red is lots of fun and looks great with the chocolate too!

    Tiffany, your sorts of purples have just been in the shops for the past year or so.

  • The 4 in the middle for me — I don't do warms and I don't do pastels. But lipstick, lavendar, dark brown and turquoise? Bring em on!

  • With the exception of the buttercup, which would make me look like I was I was dying from something, all of the other colors are already in my wardrobe – because they look good on me.

    I think I will expand the browns, rich dark chocolate again because it works with my coloring.

  • I will be adding brown – in various shades as neutrals. I have a lot of brown fabric just waiting to be made up and have some new brown shoes from on o/s trip. I like them all except the lipstick red

  • I love the turquoise, have tons of brown, but the yellow and green are areas as yet to be explored in my wardrobe. I think that's where I'll be keeping an eye out for a good piece or two.

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