Operation Update


Thank you all for your kind words, prayers and thoughts.  Aston had his operation this morning and he’s now recovering well at home.

We still have to wait for pathology results, which could be a couple of weeks, and still more other blood tests and the like to come with the endocrinologist, but I can tell you that both he and I are feeling lots less stressed now the operation is out of the way.

Normal service to resume shortly.


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  • So glad to hear this hurdle is over with…he's beautiful and remember to take it one day at a time.

  • Sorry I missed the post about his op. Glad it all went well and fingers crossed for the pathology results.

    Normal service can be resumed when you're good and ready!

  • I've been thinking of you all – glad step 1 is out of the way.

    Seriously, don't worry about us here, we'll get on just fine without you, just for a little while 😉 (although I'm struggling a little with tucking/not tucking!)

    He is a very handsome boy, and I hope he's full made a full recovery.

  • Great news. I am a new reader (fan), but in my real life I am a nurse in a Children's Hospital, so I have a bit of a feeling of what life has been like for you. Hope that all continues to go well. Your boy is beautiful!

    I also wanted to let you know that this a wonderful website/resource. Thank you for all your work!


  • One stressful thing out of the way! I've been thinking about you both – and your family – wishing you good (and healthy) vibes. Keep us posted, I. xo

  • Been thinking of you and wondering how it went. Thanks for updating us. Give his sweet nose a kiss and don't think of us now – we all miss you but are managing! 🙂


  • Wonderful news and such a fantastic shot of you two!

    Continued thoughts for your family as your son recovers and you all figure out what next steps may be needed.

  • Adorable photo, Imogen! I am so glad the operation went well and you have your precious son back home. I have been thinking of you both. I know well what it is like to wait for pathology results – I'm sending you my best wishes and praying for a speedy recovery and tranquility of mind for both of you. Kids have amazing resilience and recovery rates – my daughter was wanting to play lacrosse again ten days after her operation! He'll be getting bored in no time! (((((Imogen and Aston)))))

  • I'm so happy to hear that, Imogen. You both look wonderful in this picture. All the best to you and your son.

  • Oh, that is such good news for starters,(thanks for letting us know!) It's tough having to wait so long for results; here's wishing every possible bit of luck for Aston with those tests.

  • So sorry to hear about the operation of your son, hope it all turns out well. Best wishes and take care (both of you).

  • I'm a bit behind in reading blogs, I'm glad the surgery went well, and am rooting for a good pathology report. Such a handsome boy!

  • I'm glad to hear that everything went well, and I'm sending good wishes for a speedy recovery. Hang in there!

  • Glad to hear he's through his surgery. Sending all my warmest wishes your way for good news from the pathologist and a speedy recovery. xoxo

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