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I was over at Academic Chic who all LOVE belts, in a big way.  This week, S is doing a course on belting, if you’re interested in following along.

Belting is something that you need to try out for yourself, some of us have bodies that belt well (body shapes -I, X, 8 A, V) shapes and some of us find it much harder to find a belt that is flattering (H, O).

So what are some of the quick and easy rules?

If you have a defined waist, show it off!  Belt away, if you have a long waistt, wider belts work, if you have a shorter waist, go for narrower belts so they don’t further shorten your torso. (Not sure about your body proportions, start reading here)

Also, if you have a short waist, think about colour blending the belt, rather than contrasting the colour of the belt.  And of course the opposite applies to the long waisted gal.

H shapes (those with undefined waists, similar width hips, shoulders and very little waist definition, and not long through the body) will find belting difficult, as belts just exaggerate their non-existent waist and make them look even more waist-less – they don’t have that ‘cinching’ effect that we would so desire.  Instead, try a belt that is curved, sits higher at the waist, and drops down at the front to sit more on the hips, this will give you an illusion of a more waisted shape.

A large bust will also make you look shorter waisted, and belting will make your bust look larger.  Belting works well on many women with smaller busts.

O shapes are best to belt at the hips, in a non-contrasting colour.

You will also find that it’s easier to belt a longer garments, such as a dress or a long cardigan, than a shorter garment, if you have a shorter waist.  This is because the length of the fabric creates a longer vertical line, so some breaking up is not so shortening, as  the visual shortening of an already shorter garment.


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  • I have a very defined waist, especially for my age. I like to wear clothes that cinch in at my waist or on my ribs for a very flattering look.

  • I rarely wear belts. I do have a few in my wardrobe, so maybe for the rest of the week, I will be daring and have a go.

  • I love this post. Thanks for the reminder that — even though skinny belts are everywhere these days — some of us will always look better with wider styles no matter the current trend.

  • I am loving elasticated belts these days. I put them round a woven blouse or some top with volume, then add a simple cardigan. Nice illusion of a waist.

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