Key Trends Autumn/Winter 2010


One of my Southern Hemisphere readers asked me to do a post on key trends for Autumn/Winter 2010, so after looking at plenty of magazines and forecasts these are the key looks I’ve noticed that I think will be an integral part of the fashions these coming months.

Leather – whether it’s in an over the knee boot ( mid-thigh are best for the younger set) or a pair of pants (only if you have great legs), or a jacket (now that’s an easier option) leather is back in a big way.
Zips – I think because of the leather and hardware that tends to go with it, zips are featured not only on jackets, but also shoes and tops.
Shoulder Detail – Thanks to Balmain last season, shoulders are back, from puffed sleeves, to sharp shoulder pads, to bling or sequins,  detail on shoulders is a stand out trend this season.  If you don’t want to look like a fashion victim, don’t go to the extremes, but adding in a piece or two with something on the shoulders will modernise your wardrobe.   If you already have broad shoulders and don’t want to emphasise, avoid the pads and puffed sleeves and stick to softer versions of detail.
Bling – there are bling collars, bling detail on shoulders and the ‘bib’ necklace in bling are all key trends.  Just remember, if the neckline of your top is already blinged up, no need to add lots more jewellery.
Motorcycle style jackets – These are everywhere, they may come in leather, they may come in cotton.  A soft version is great for the curvalicious body.  Just remember, cropped works for I, A and 8 shapes, hip length is better for H shapes.  Look for one that has a little feminine detail – from a puffed sleeve to waist shaping, for the most flattering effect.

And don’t forget Denim – it’s back in jackets, they fash mags tell you that denim on denim is cool again, but my advice, avoid it, a denim jacket with a frock is a much easier way to incorporate the denim jacket than with a pair of jeans.    It’s also a key trend for Spring 2010.

And of course with all advice about including trends in your wardrobe, there are exceptions to every rule, and your personality may make something work that doesn’t work for others.

Which trends will you be adding to your wardrobe this season?


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  • Mmmm interesting thank you Imogen… hope my new boots that I have just posted about are not too 'young' – am slightly worried now!! Love the curvy jackets too..

  • Hi, Imogen. Great blog. I'm 54 and wear over-the-knee boots. You can see me in them on my blog. The two posts featuring the boots are dated Feb. 14 and Jan. 24.

  • I already added a blingy motorcycle jacket for fall/winter in the northern hemisphere (originally your post was confusing until I remembered that you are going into fall and not spring) and I have worn it again now that it's going into spring. Works well with lots of stuff. I am making a jacket with stronger shoulders. Not too big as I have a short neck so too big is definitely not a good thing. It does however make my 8 figure look good.

  • Why leather pants "only if you have great legs"? I find nearly all leather pants tacky so had my ancient Agnes b. stovepipe ones copied in soft navy leather.

  • I'm on the hunt to add a trim fitting motorcycle jacket to my arsenal. I think they look so great with really girly clothes!

  • Semi-Expat – your boots are not the extreme up the thigh that is what I was thinking of, they are great!

  • Donna – yours too are not the extreme that I've seen around, that only work with mini-skirts.

    Duchesse – the reason I'm not a lover of leather pants for those without great legs is that leather is shiny and draws attention to your legs. Suede is a whole different story.

  • Maybe I will add a motorcycle type jacket – but I doubt it would be in leather.
    And a few bling tops will no doubt find their way into my wardrobe.
    And I will be adding purple! Have bought some shiny, shiny purple shoes and today bought some patterned grape tights at MYER!

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