One Scarf Two Ways


Scarves seem to be the most wondered about accessory. So I thought I’d do a series on possible ways to wear them.
Here is a small square chiffon scarf worn in two ways.
Firstly, folded into a triangle then tied with the widest part of the triangle at the front, ends tied underneath at the front after wrapping around my neck.

And simply just folded into a triangle, then rolled up and knotted to one side.


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  • Loved this. I wear scarves a lot, especially in the cooler weather – and I have about 50 of them in various lengths and shapes. I just need some way of storing them easily – any suggestions?

  • I love both of these looks Imogen, especially the second. I had forgotten about wearing scarves like this until this timely reminder. Thanks!

  • Thank you! The first one is my favorite…
    …and the photos of you are very flattering.
    You look great!

  • I have that same scarf and I've always loved it but again, with a short neck and big bust I felt it never looked right on me. It looks great on you, and you have a long neck. Can you recommend the kinds of outfits this scarf would look fabulous with?

  • Anything about how to wear a scarf is most welcome. Thanks.

    I have a question for you–maybe for a post? It seems to me that a shirttail hem is kind of a good solution for reducing the visual width of hips–since it creates a kind of wavy rather than horizontal line. What do you think? And is there a way to wear a shirttail out and not look sloppy?

  • I´m lost with other than winter cashmere scarves and pashminas. On you, this little scarf looks fresh and cute though!

  • nonSupermum – 50 – will have a think about best ways!

    Mervat – I sometimes wear a small scarf like this instead of a necklace.

    Cynthia – thanks!

    Anonymous – a collared shirt can work, or an open v-neck with a jacket.

    Deja – from that master – thanks!

    Sallymandy – will do.

    Metscan – will do something on winter scarves too.

  • Nice and easy scarf solutions. I need easy. I will never be a scarf origami master like Deja Pseu!

  • Imogen this is great – I never wear scarves because I just don't know how to. I know that my neck is long enough to pull it off. Better get cracking whilst there is some cool weather around up here in Brisbane 🙂

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