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One of the reasons I’m so happy to be home, is that I’ve just spent 3 weeks in the same few clothes, all in a palette of black, white and red (apart from a couple of items), and I’m now bored, so bored with these clothes!

It’s great to be able to capsule your wardrobe so that travel is easy and everything mixes and matches, but after so long in the same gear, I want some variety and different colours!
I want to wear purple and green and pink and blue, and lots of other colours too.
I’ve come from early summer in LA, to early winter in Melbourne, it’s been a shock to the system, when we got home the heating wasn’t working and so I had a lovely hot, hot shower to warm up before getting into some of my warmest clothes, in shades of cornflower blue and grey.
As there is no rest for the wicked, I’ve flown into Brisbane to do a workshop tomorrow to teach retail optometry staff how to help their clients choose flattering glasses frames.  I’ve avoided the previous colour palette and instead have opted for navy trousers and turquoise top with some teal shoes.
Do you wear any particular palette of colours all the time or do you prefer to mix it up a bit?


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  • I wear blue just about every single day. More often than not it is head to toe blue. Though I have a hand full of colors that I mix with it on a pretty regular basis. I think in an industry where people love to dress head to toe in black wearing lots of color makes me feel a bit uncomfortable among colleagues. Now with my new wardrobe I am going to try to be a bit more colorful.

  • I always seem to end up with grey. Light grey, mid grey and charcoal grey- depending on the material. Yes, I guess grey is my palette. This spring I have added lilac, and I like the mix of lilacs and greys.

  • Cosmo – blue is a great alternative to black. I can’t imagine you in lots of colour at one, just some accent colours – especially in your jewellery.

    Metscan – lilac and grey go so beautifully together.

  • Welcome home Imogen!
    For me its black, red and charcoal,with touches of cream. I made a resolution last new years eve to stop buying black (which I’ve stuck to…sort of). Lately I’ve been buying green, and today I’m wearing camel! (the exclamation mark is because I’ve never worn camel in my entire life)
    Yay for you coming up here to Brisbane!Is there any chance that you’ll be giving any workshops while you’re up here?

  • Life would be so easy to be like Sheila Scotter and just wear black and white.I am tempted but then I would have to let my hair go grey to make it look good on me and I don’t know if I am that game! LOL
    I know about hating the clothing you have been stuck in when on holiday – you just want to chuck them out! LOL

  • I wear an awful lot of black during the day but go for color at night. And I love my crazy prints. I didn’t always though.

  • I’m a true Melbournian in that my entire wardrobe is monochrome – black, grey and white are my staples. I tend to dress it up with colourful jewellery, but history has shown me that those colours do tend to work best with my colouring and look.

  • Jamtart – just a flying visit – sitting at the airport now waiting to board to go back to Melbourne! Maybe another time!

    Green and camel – now they are different from black and white!

    Lady Jicky – Sheila is her own dame – and that’s her uniform – but is it yours?

    WendyB – I’m sure you always team your black with some red lipstick!

    Amanda – at least you add some colour with jewellery rather than keeping it completely achromatic!

  • I’ve been wearing a cool-toned palette for ages: black, cool grays of all sorts, raspberry, navy. But now I’m trying to expand into the warmer side: dark brown, coral, lime green.

  • Black with small bits of colour (scarf) in the fall and winter, and I enjoy it! But in spring and summer, wear pinks, corals and leaf green, with white linen replacing black.

    Welcome home!

  • I’m all over the place. I LOVE color – I think the only color completely lacking in my wardobe is olive green. Well, that and mustard yellow. Every other shade, bring it on. I tend to stick with neutrals when it comes to pants, but skirts/dresses/tops, it’s a free-for-all when it comes to color!

  • I’m on day 5 with my travel wardrobe, and I can imagine how much I’ll be longer for different colours after another 20 days or so!

  • Like Taylor, I stick with neutrals in pants & most skirts, but I LOVE color in tops & dresses! I tend to wear more purple & orange hues in winter & more coral & turquoise in summer, but I still mix it up lots. I love the concept of a capsule wardrobe but since my color choices are all over the place, it would be difficult to pull off.

    That said, I rarely wear more than 3 colors (usually 1 neutral with 1 or 2 brights, one of which may be an unexpected combination) in an outfit unless it's a print. More than 3 colors & I feel like a clown.

    Can you give us some guidance on this in a future post? Like, how many colors is too much in a single outfit? For instance, I love grey & yellow together and will combine those two colors with an accessory in chartreuse or lavender for an unexpected "pop".

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