How Not to Get Over Jetlag


We’re home today, happily, it’s great to be in our own space again, and the dogs missed us heaps – they’re happy to see us!

We arrived in at 7.30am after our 15 hour flight, we all got some sleep on the plane, but the kids didn’t get nearly their normal amount of sleep.
Niamh fell asleep on the couch at around 1pm,   Aston was complaining of a stomach ache and I decided we could all do with a nap for a couple of hours, but I can’t wake them now, they are in a deep sleep.
I’ve forced myself up out of bed again, even though I’d rather be sleeping with them too still.
I’d suggest this is not the ideal way of overcoming jetlag! 


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  • Lovely picture of contentment. I don’t think there is a perfect way to get over jet lag – whatever works for you.
    Welcome home.

  • Cosmo – it’s great to be home! I even went down the supermarket to get in some supplies!

    Jane – children are never more beautiful than when they are asleep.

  • Gorgeous photo! I agree, children are perfect when sleeping, I have some photos of my beautiful girls sleeping when they were little. Beautiful and silent…what a combination!

  • Hope you had fewer hassles getting home than getting here! Jetlag is a bear. I’ve found that Darjeeling tea helps.

    Your kids are so adorable. They’ll bounce back quickly, I’m sure.

    I’m so glad you came to visit LA; it was lovely to meet you!

  • Glad you arrived home safely! It’s always a wonderful feeling when one returns home. My kids rediscover all of their toys with glee. Your children look like sleeping angels 🙂

  • They are adorable asleep! Think it’s best to just let one’s body re-set, free of demands to show up for any scheduled event for several days (or more) if possible. Walks in daylight are about the only thing that seem to help me readjust.

  • Because of the ‘threat’ of swine flu, the Australian government has asked that all parents of families who have arrived back from Mexico, USA, Canada and Japan keep their kids home from school for a week – so now my job this week is to home school!

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