Peach Jacket 5 Ways


Jane from Work that Wardrobe (and boy does she work it hard) was given (don’t worry, she didn’t buy it)  a pale peach jacket, it’s a Chanel style tweed, and similar colour to this jacket.  She asked me what she should wear it with colourwise, so I’ve put together a layout of 5 outfits in different colours that could work with her new acquisition.    As Jane’s colouring is fair, and a fairly low contrast, I’ve not used many dark colours as the jacket is very light and it’s more flattering on her to keep the value contrast low to medium rather than high.  Where there is a dark colour, I’ve made sure there is also medium and light so that the outfit flows well for her.

Peach Jacket 5 Ways by imogenl featuring Donna Karan jackets

What is your favourite combination of colours to wear with a pale peach?


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  • Those are really pretty choices. I’m not sure what I’d wear with peach. I think I’d come over here and see your suggestions! I did recently acquire a rather pinker pale-peachy blazer, and will use some of your ideas. My coloring is similar to Jane’s.

    Thank you Imogen, as always.

  • Sallymandy – I hope you feel inspired to try your jacket on with a few different colours. One of the important factors to remember when mixing colours is to mix like with like – so muted with muted, pastel with pastel, jewel with jewel. Then it’s much more likely to work!

  • That jacket’s awfully close to the value of my skin tone. I like some energy in my clothing, despite being moderate to low contrast. And I’d want to take the “curse” off so much femininity (I can be gentle looking to start with)by putting something a bit harder with it. So I’m thinking an olive with a few small touches of black to crisp it up a bit.

  • My favourite is the light blue top and taupe pants.

    Early last year I regretably over-dyed a salmon/pink jacket as I didn’t know what to wear it with. The result was a mauvy/bluey/purpley mess. I gave it to the Smith family and even then it’ll be left on the bottom of the unwanted pile. I loved the original colour but it really didn’t think it suited my olive skin and dark hair.

  • Peach isn’t really a colour I would wear – it would make me look a bit washed out. I tend to choose stronger colours which I think/hope suit me better.

  • Thanks Imogen. I do like the jacket but as the other commentators note peach can be a difficult colour. Next week I will give some of your suggestions a go. Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble.

  • I would pair peach with either light gray or (surprise!) brown, with off-white/ivory as an accent. I have medium to dark brown hair and rather fair skin, so I suppose I could go for a little more contrast.

    But the peach would definitely need to be of the pinky-peach variety for me.

  • Love your choices, Imogen. Much as I love it, peach isn’t a colour I can carry off so there’s very little of it in my wardrobe. I do have a sweet little 1940s silk blouse in this colour – but I’ve never worn it because it makes me look old and tired. I’ve recently acquired a vintage tweed riding jacket in dark hazely green tones (same as my eyes), so I think I might try my peach blouse with this. Its too pretty to sit in a cupboard tempting the moths!

  • Vildy – olive would be nice!

    Mervat – pity your dye job didn’t work!

    notSupermum – not all of us can wear this shade well – you might need more contrast to make it work for you.

    Jane – my pleasure! I look forward to seeing your efforts.

    Peach and brown would be great!

    Jamtart hope the tweed and peach work for you.

  • Hi Imogen –
    Love your blog – I think you’re the most detailed, analytical, and plain old smart person working on style issues today. Thank you so much for your thoroughness and hard work.
    I’m light-med warm w/ med. contrast. I like peach with navy, copper/brick, warm browns, ivory and gold (if the peach was saturated enough to give some contrast, warm greens and turquoise – w/ some brown shoes/bag to ‘ground’ it.

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