Colour Forecast for Spring 2009


One of the resources I like to look at to see what we can expect to see in shops for the next season is the Pantone Fashion/Colour Forecast.

The Spring edition is currently available and you can read it here to see exactly what the colours look like.
What I find interesting is that every time I give a talk, someone will say to me that they can’t find their colours in the shops, yet I always find colours that suit each of my very individual and different clients.
So given this forecast, what’s out there in the shops for you this Spring (Northern Hemisphere or Autumn (Southern Hemisphere).
Fushia red – this suits the cool person who has a high level of brightness, so usually someone under the age of 45 with strong colouring (such as dark brown or black hair).
Salmon Rose is for those with a warm complexion and would work pretty well for all warms whether dusky or brighter.
Palace Blue is a warm blue and will work well for warm blondes and warm brunettes and look stunning on red heads.
Lucite Green is a blue green that crosses over to both warm and cool groups.  It will suit dark and light blondes well.
Super Lemon will suit those with a strong warm colouring.  It will look great on those with dark hair and skin.  Otherwise keep it to small accents so it doesn’t make you look jaundiced.
Dark Citron is only for the very warm as it has such a high yellow base.  Red heads and warms with strong colouring can carry it off well.
Lavender is a cool colour and will suit those who are cool with grey hair and blonde hair best, though the brunette cool can carry it off too.
Vibrant Green – will work for anyone apart from the very warm so can be worn by many.
Slate Grey is great for those with dusky or soft  cool complexions, it’s a good neutral for many cools.
Rose Dust is also best for the dusky complexion – if you naturally have ‘mouse’ coloured hair there is a good chance this colour will work for you.
So you can see there are warm and cool colours, bright and dusky colours – enough choice to suit all of us!


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  • I ahve been looking forthese i nteh stores since they came out- I like the multiple greens (or close to the green family) probably b/c it is my favorite color and it looks good on me!

  • Hmmm. I have warm colouring (according to makeup people at least as I have golden tones to my skin) but I’ve always thought fuschia looks quite nice on me. Or maybe I just like the colour 🙁 I also love that Dark Citron (I love most greens) but wouldn’t consider myself Very Warm in colouring.

    So confused!!

  • They are gorgeous shades and I’d wear them in a scarf, but fuschia in say, pants is scary. I find in general its not that easy to find green clothes. It seems retailers here (North American) have ordered pinks, in vast quantities, for spring.

  • Christina Lee – many retailers are scared of greens as they historically don’t sell very well!

    Sal – I can see you in Fushia

    FrumpyGibbon – some people are not at the extreme end of the warm or cool scale, and ignore makeup people – even though I have a cool undertone, I need makeup that has a yellow base as this suits the overtone of my skin – there is a lot more to colour analysis than makeup people are taught! You may be like me and be cool with a yellowish skin.

  • Duchesse – I think it would be very hard for anyone apart from the very young or very slim to wear fushia pants! I prefer to keep these kind of brighter colours to small quantities or in patterns, rather than wearing them in a garment that takes up more than half your body!

  • Love the Lavendar, Rose Dust and Slate Grey should suit me I think, an over 50’s cool dusky deep with brown hair and blue eyes

  • Blah, I always hate spring colors. I have very pale skin and dark brown-black hair. So am assumably a cool. I can usually only wear very bright colors (except yellow and orange which makes me look sickly) and very dark colors. Anything pastel completely washes me out. The only thing here I know I would look good in is the fushia, and possibly the bright blue though it’s listed as for warm people.

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