Book Review – Makeup Makeovers by Robert Jones


Continuing on the makeup theme, I thought I’d share my current favourite book on makeup techinques.  It’s Makeup Makeovers: expert secrets for stunning transformations by Robert Jones.

What I like about it:
  1. The pictures – it’s very simple and the pictures clearly state where to put shadow or highlight.
  2. Advice for each face shape – so where to put your blush if you have a round face, which is different from where to put your blush if you have a rectangle face.
  3. Section on eye shapes and eye shadow – whether you have protruding eyes, deep set eyes, hooded eyes or droopy eyes (and more eye types) there are simple, clear instructions on how to apply eye shadow.
  4. Good advice on colour
  5. Explanations of different products and their uses
  6. Clear before and after photos
What I didn’t like
  1.  He uses 3 shades of foundation and powder to highlight and contour – who has the time to do this every day?
  2. Not enough on eyebrow shapes for face shapes
That said – not much to complain about.  If you want a great guide to applying makeup I would recommend this book highly.  I use this book when teaching my image consultant training course, and have had students who have never even put makeup on themselves, within a day, doing simple day makup on models just following his step-by-step advice.
Robert Jones also has a book aimed at the more mature market called Looking Younger: Makeovers that make you look as young as you feel  that is aimed at the 40+ market and I’ve had a look through it at the bookstore and think it’s also a great option for the more experienced in life woman.
Do you have a favourite makeup guide?


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  • I don’t have a favorite guide but like to go to the MAC counter and let the eager young artists have a go at me face. They are good at explaining what they’re doing, and what I buy there doesn’t cost a fortune. The proof was when I stopped by the just before a cocktail party and several people told me how great I looked.

  • I have a question that has nothing to do with makeup (although I love this step-by-step!), but it is image-related: I love a little punkiness or a little tough, but I have no desire to dress like a 12-year-old Hot Topic wannabe (I'm 27), and most of the places I shop (I'm cheap! thrift/vintage, H&M, sales) aren't very heavy on the punk influence. How do I add some punk or tough influences to what I wear, and where do I look to find pieces that will help me do this?

  • Duchesse – that’s a great thing to do – I often feign ignorance and go and get a makeover at a cosmetics counter – and sometimes I pick up some new techinques or tips which I can pass onto my clients.

    Queen of Sheba – thanks so much for stopping by – I’ll do a post for you.

  • Imogen I love your blog. Thankyou for sharing your talent and knowledge.
    One cosmetic trick that I have discovered and love for my over 50 skin is called ‘pore filler’. It goes on under the foundation and makes the skin much more smooth.

  • Saje – thanks so much for coming by and commenting – I love comments.

    Yes – Skin Primer (what they tend to be known as) are fantastic products that are really great for more mature skins and give a fantastic base for foundation.

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