How to Make Your Upper Arms Look Slim


Cybill  asked how the woman who doesn’t want to show off her upper arms can look stylish and hide this asset.

 Options to Make Your Upper Arms Look Slimmer

How to make your upper arms look slimmer

  • 3/4 sleeves – they cut off the arms at a slim point and make the whole arm look slimmer.
  • Alternatively, try a slightly shorter sleeve, that still covers the upper arm but has a diagonal rather than horizontal hem
  •  A floaty sleeve is a good alternative too as the sleeve doesn’t encase the upper arm tightly.
  • Alternatively, a more voluminous sleeve will make your upper arms look small in comparison.
  •  If you have slim hips, consider wearing a fluted sleeve to balance your upper arms

Use the rules of scale and line when making decisions about what to choose.

  • Remembering that horizontal lines broaden – and most hems are horizontals – which is why choosing diagonal sleeves will move the eye away from your arms and avoid that broadening hem.
  • Only putting the hem at a narrow point on your arm if it is a horizontal.
  • Making the sleeve larger than your arm so your arm looks smaller.
  • Having other large details such as a larger necklace (just as you’d do for a large bust) will also help to create a focal point and balance the upper arms.

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  • I’m a BIG fan of 3/4 sleeves; they’re also great for showing off one’s bracelets!

    These are all nice choices, Imogen! Hope you get some cooler weather soon.

  • Deja – Friday topped 45.4 degrees celicius – hottest day on records in Melbourne. A bird fell out of the sky dead and landed in our back yard. Fortunately we have had a cool change come through and it’s only going to be 30 today

    Karen – 3/4 sleeves also make your legs look longer and you look taller!

    Tessa – thanks so much! I really appreciate it – and you deserve it too.

  • Thanks so much for doing this Imogen! After reading the comments in the last post I was completely in agreement with you (and others) that we shouldn’t be ashamed of showing our arms, especially on hot days. For myself however, I have a scar that I prefer to conceal so short or no sleeves is simply not an option for me. Love your choices, thanks again.

  • I also like the 3/4 sleeve, which my mother’s era called “bracelet length” for the reason Pseu mentioned. They would also wear a cardigan over the shoulders (sleeves empty) which I rarely see today.

  • Duchesse, I still sometimes wear my sweaters that way. Remember the clasps you used to be able to find to keep the sweater on your shoulders?

  • Hi Imogen: Thanks for your kind thoughts on my hair!!!

    Here in the states all the talk is about Michelle Obama’s arms–they ARE the most beautiful arms in the world. Unfortunately, I have my great grandmother’s waving sag!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I wave at a friend they keep waving after I stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I call them the “queen” they wave more than the Queen Mum in a military parade! They wave more than Nicole Kidman on the red carpet….more than……you get it.:):) Thanks for the advice to slim em, mate!

  • Ah, thank you so much! My upper arms are one of the areas that seems to carry flab even when I'm at a healthy weight (saddlebags being the other one), and I was just wondering what to do with them. I think I read somewhere, though, that wearing 3/4 length sleeves is a bad idea for people with long arms.

  • Thanks it has been a wonderful support, now to make our upper arms look slim is definitely simple by using your recommendation. Kudos

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