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  • The only thing that is questionable for me is the hemline. I wonder if that might put her at risk for being more revealing that she might want it to be.Otherwise it is very Michelle in style. I like her best in primary colours and jewel tones.

  • I love the outfit. I do think she would wear it. I love the shrug. I visited the Monsoon website and was disappointed to find they don’t ship to the US. They had some cute tops.

  • I think Mrs. O would absolutely wear this ensemble. It brings together all of her major wardrobe pieces in a bright, cheery shade.

    Would you call this a “fruity” palette, or is there some other more appropriate adjective?

  • Love it, but after going to the Net-a-Porter website, I’d have to agree with La Belette – I think that hemline is really too short for Mrs. O. But, yeah, if it was knee length, I’d say it was absolutely perfect. 🙂

  • La Belette – Let’s call it knee length!

    Julianne – Monsoon has some lovely clothes – I used to like going there when I lived in the UK.

    Deja – thanks!

    Sal – thanks

    Cat – I look at these colors as warm and inviting

  • Christine – Thanks

    Seeker – and thanks again

    Duchesse – I love grey pearls to

    ChristineB – I’m pretending it’s knee length or slightly longer ( the issue with polyvore is the limited selection in a way).

  • Actually, I think this is nicer than her general outfitting. Not that she isn’t a gorgeous, stylish woman. But you could help her out some!

  • Imogen – LOL, it’s totally my fault for looking at all the views on Net-a-Porter. At first glance, I assumed it WAS knee-length. (OK, it’s really YOUR fault for posting all these cool Polyvores–is that really a word?–that I feel compelled to click on…)

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