Michelle Obama Challenge


Cat from Thrify Muse has challenged the blogging world to take part in the Michelle Obama Wardrobe Challenge. Here is my take on Michelle Obama’s personal style.

Michelle Obama StyleDo you think she would wear this outfit?


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  • The only thing that is questionable for me is the hemline. I wonder if that might put her at risk for being more revealing that she might want it to be.Otherwise it is very Michelle in style. I like her best in primary colours and jewel tones.

  • I love the outfit. I do think she would wear it. I love the shrug. I visited the Monsoon website and was disappointed to find they don’t ship to the US. They had some cute tops.

  • I think Mrs. O would absolutely wear this ensemble. It brings together all of her major wardrobe pieces in a bright, cheery shade.

    Would you call this a “fruity” palette, or is there some other more appropriate adjective?

  • Love it, but after going to the Net-a-Porter website, I’d have to agree with La Belette – I think that hemline is really too short for Mrs. O. But, yeah, if it was knee length, I’d say it was absolutely perfect. 🙂

  • La Belette – Let’s call it knee length!

    Julianne – Monsoon has some lovely clothes – I used to like going there when I lived in the UK.

    Deja – thanks!

    Sal – thanks

    Cat – I look at these colors as warm and inviting

  • Christine – Thanks

    Seeker – and thanks again

    Duchesse – I love grey pearls to

    ChristineB – I’m pretending it’s knee length or slightly longer ( the issue with polyvore is the limited selection in a way).

  • Actually, I think this is nicer than her general outfitting. Not that she isn’t a gorgeous, stylish woman. But you could help her out some!

  • Imogen – LOL, it’s totally my fault for looking at all the views on Net-a-Porter. At first glance, I assumed it WAS knee-length. (OK, it’s really YOUR fault for posting all these cool Polyvores–is that really a word?–that I feel compelled to click on…)

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