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256: Colour and Style Q&A: How to dress when overweight, less garments in my wardrobe, and how to know what would look good on me.

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0.11 Hi! My biggest challenge is being overweight. I don’t look as good in my clothes and can’t do some of the styling with my clothes that I could if I was thinner. My classic rectangular body that goes with my classic, style has disappeared. And I have bloomed to a size 18/20. At 5’4″ I feel I look like an apple on a stick! Help!
4.57 My biggest challenge is reigning it all in. I adore clothes. I have way too much. I love all of it. I’ve spent the last few years downsizing and have gotten rid of a lot, but my closet is still overflowing. I wear outfits in rotation so everything gets worn at some point. It’s overwhelming most of the time. I would love to cut it all down by half.
9.45 My problem is mainly is what would look good on me, which colors to keep in my wardrobe, how many colors for my casual lifestyle as I’m trying to make myself a guided plan with what I’m looking for! Any help would be appreciated!!

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