Welcome to Inside Out Style – I’m Imogen and I’m here to help you look and feel great every day with my easy style solutions for every woman of every age and stage in life.

In this free ebook I cover:

  1. Organising Your Wardrobe
  2. Creating Wardrobe Capsules
  3. Creating Effective Shopping Lists

plus more great content to help you have a fabulous wardrobe.

Now that you’ve done that, why not check out some of my other useful free printable downloads:

Body Shape Bible – find your body shape and discover just how to dress it to flatter.

How to Create Wardrobe Capsules – get the plan and printable charts to start creating your wardrobe capsules today

Weekly Wardrobe Outfit Planner – discover my printable charts to plan your wardrobe each week so getting dressed each day is fast and easy and you always look stylish

If you’re new to Inside Out Style – here is a great blog post to start to discover more about what suits you and your unique beauty.

Want to have some fun then join my Evolve Your Style 31 day challenge – it’s been described by many as life changing!

Would love to get some personal advice about what suits you and your body and colouring?  Then discover my program 7 Steps to Style

Or just check out my latest blog posts!

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  1. I’ve tried to get this, but I have not received the email with the link. I’ve been a subscriber for some time, but would like this ebook: Your 5 Step Formula For a Fabulous Wardrobe on a Budget

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