How to Wear Pearls for Your Personality


Imogen, love your posts on style personality (especially shoes) and was wondering if you would consider one on how each style type would wear pearls. I love pearls but prefer baroque pearls in funky settings not traditional ones. Wondering how a dramatic, chic, natural, romantic, creative would wear pearls. They’re a classic but are really trending the past few seasons.

Pearls are often seen as a very Classic way of accessorising and sure, the traditional string of pearls is very classic in its dressing style.  But there are lots of variations of pearls these days both in shape and colour as well different settings.

The Personality Style of Pearls


How to Choose Pearls for Your Personality


To start with, you can think about the differences in setting and size of the pearl and setting – from the small spherical Classic diamond to the large scale or large cluster Dramatic to the more wonky creative pearl.

  • Then there is the setting – put it on a leather thong for a more relaxed vibe.  
  • Asymmetrical and unusual mixes of stones and pearls become more creative.
  • Small and delicate with some bling as well – think feminine.
  • Skulls and spider-themed bring out your rebel!
  • Modern settings with a high-quality twist think Elegant Chic.

So let’s see some ways of wearing pearls!  Some of my lovely 7 Steps to Style sisters kindly shared photos of them in their pearls that represent their personality styles!

What I love is that there is no reason not to wear your pearls with your jeans!


Dramatic Elegant Chic

How to wear pears for your personality


Relaxed Elegant Chic


How to wear pears for your personalityHow to wear pears for your personality

Feminine RebelHow to wear pears for your personalityRelaxed Creative

How to wear pears for your personality


Creative Dramatic

How to wear pears for your personality


Creative FemininePearls for your personality


Classic Pearls

Rutherford pearls

You can see there are so many different ways pearls can be set and worn to make them express personality without just being a classic string of pearls!

Do you wear pearls?  What kind of style and setting do you like to wear them?  Do you like large or small scale pearls?

How to Wear Pearls for Your Personality

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  • What a great post. I like the “creative” pearls. Classic pearls make me feel pretentious. And stuffy. Like I am trying way too hard to be something I am not.

  • I like pearls, but they do not look good on me. My personal coloring is neutral (I can wear some cool colors and some warm colors), dark and muted. Is this combination why pearls don’t work on me? Thanks

  • Hi Imogen, My go to pearl accessory is a very long classic necklace (140cm) I tie a knot in it quite low down, flapper style. Looks great with a contemporary well cut oversized dress and kitten heels. I love this look: Smart but comfortable and uncomplicated, still contemporary but with the flavour of the past which I love

  • Wow! That creative dramatic necklace of yours is to die for! Love this post – thanks for another great analysis of yours.

  • Hi Imogen – I love the blue (non-pearl) knot necklace that you’re wearing in the video, where is it from?

  • I have a string of pearls that I inherited from relatives in the Philippines but I don’t wear it because it feels too feminine for my boyish face and how I dress. (High value contrast, fairly low color contrast, and I have a hard time determining skin tone but in general, warmer colors work better for me). I wish I could dress more feminine but when I try, it looks like I’m playing dress-up! I do have a single pearl pendant that I also inherited, and it is not too overpoweringly feminine or “classic” so it is my special occasion necklace.

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