How to Use Birds to Inspire Your Outfit Today


I really believe that what you wear affects how you feel (and there is tons of research that will back me up on this) and at this time of COVID-19 global pandemic and social-isolation, many of you don’t have a huge need to get out of your pyjamas, or at least not into your fancy “leaving the house and going out in public” clothes.  Yet, staying in your sloppy loungewear all day, does nothing for your mental health.  And at this time, mental health is really important and if getting dressed into something stylish each (or most) days will keep you feeling better, then it’s an important thing to do.

But when you’re not leaving the house, what are the parameters you put on yourself when deciding what to wear?

Over in my VIP 7 Steps to Style Facebook group, there has been some chat about using themes to create outfits and I’ve been blown away by the creativity and fun inspired by the first theme of Birds.

Using Birds to Inspire Your Outfit Colour and Pattern Combinations

Bird inspired outfits - The Rooster that started it all!

It all started with a Rooster.  One of my fabulous members thought it would be fun to put together outfits inspired by a rooster – which for many of those with warm colouring and a medium to higher colour contrast, is a super bird to be inspired by.  It then morphed to include all birds (cos all the other colour groups need to get in on the action too!).

Rooster Inspired outfit - use a bird to inspire your colour scheme or patterning
Rooster Inspired

Birds come in such a great variety of colours and patterns – they make a great way to find interesting and different colour combinations and some of my 7 Steps members have graciously allowed me to share with you their bird-themed outfits so you too can be inspired to dress like a bird!

Macaw Inspired Outfits

Parrot Inspired Outfit Combinations

Parrot Inspired Outfit Combinations

Parrot Inspired Outfit Combinations

Cockatoo Inspired Outfits

Cockatoo Inspired Outfit Combinations
Red-Tail Black Cockatoo


Cockatoo Inspired Outfit Combinations
Sulpher crested cockatoo
Galah Inspired Outfits
The galah – otherwise known as the pink and grey cockatoo

Robin Inspired Outfits

Bird - Rose Robin - Inspired Outfit Combinations

This is a great example of how a column of colour can be worked back with an accent colour.

Bird - Red Robin - Inspired Outfit Combinations

Kingfisher Inspired Outfits

Kingfisher Inspired Outfit CombinationsKingfisher Inspired Outfit Combinations

Finch Inspired Outfits

Finch Inspired Outfit Combination
House Finch
Finch Inspired Outfits - Dress like a bird!
Purple Grenadier Inspired

Lilac Breasted Roller Inspired Outfits

Lilac breasted roller Outfit Inspiration

Budgerigar Inspired Outfits

Budgie -Bird inspired outfit inspiration

Notice how the snakeskin shirt makes a good pattern for the budgies black and white feathers?  

Blue Heron Inspired Outfits


Blue Heron - Bird inspired outfit inspiration

Blue Jay Inspired Outfits


Blue Jay - Bird inspired outfit inspiration

California Quail Inspired Outfits


California Quail - Bird inspired outfit inspiration

Female Cardinal Inspired Outfits

Cardinal - Bird inspired outfit inspiration


Crimson Rosella Inspired Outfit

Rainbow Lorikeet - Bird inspired outfit inspiration

Blue Fairy Wren Inspired Outfit 

blue wren outfit inspiration


I’d love to see your bird-inspired outfits – please share them on my Inside Out Style Facebook Group!

And if you want to discover your ideal “bird” palette of colours – you can get this as part of my 7 Steps to Style program (plus so much more)  find out more here.

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How to Use Birds to Inspire Your Outfit Today


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