Pantone’s Colour of 2020 – Classic Blue


Pantone has just released their 2020 Colour of the Year – and I’m super happy to announce after a few years of more non-traditional colours, 2020 will be the year of Classic Blue.  Pantone colours of the year

It’s a mid-deep blue that is related to navy, but not as dark as traditional navy, and is likely to come in both warm and cool undertone versions – which makes it a wonderful choice as there will be a version for everyone.

It works with so many colours as it in many ways is like a denim blue – giving it enough of a neutral feel to harmonise with a plethora of colours.

Pantone Classic Blue colour of 2020

From versions of cooler cobalt blue via softer denim blue to warmer marine blue it’s a super versatile colour to include in your wardrobe.

Versions of it featured on the spring fashion runways of Balenciaga, Marni, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Comme des Garcons, Bottega Veneta, Nina Ricci and Moschino.

Darker blues make us feel calm and are more solid, trustworthy and reliable.  With the world changing at an ever-increasing pace and in times of uncertainty, we may seek out these kinds of stable colours.

Pantone classic blue colour of 2020

Team the Warm Undertone Classic Blue with

  1. Complementary: Orange 
  2. Triadic: Yellow, Red and Warm Burgundy
  3. Analogous: Teal and Green
  4. Monochromatic: Other Warm Blues such as Turquoise
  5. Neutral with Brown, Khaki and Camel

Team the Cool Undertone Classic Blue with

  1. Complementary: Rose Brown
  2. Triadic Lemon, Red and Hot Pink
  3. Analogous: Teal and Emerald Green
  4. Monochromatic: Cyan and Turquoise
  5. Neutral with Grey, White, and Black

What to wear with Classic Blue the Pantone colour of 2020

I can see Classic Blue sticking around in wardrobes for the next decade as it’s such an easy colour to wear and to work into your existing wardrobe.  For those with a cool undertone, don’t forget you can wear the warm undertone version as well as the cool!

Pantone's Colour of 2020 - Classic Blue - and what to wear with it


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  • Thank you for this — blue is such a versatile color and a real workhorse in my wardrobe, so I’m glad to see it’s the color of the year.

    I’m curious about the necklace you’re wearing in the accompanying photo — it’s lovely! Is it one that you made?

    I love your blog and learn so much from it. Thank you for all your hard work!

  • What is the difference between the warm toned blue you pictured and the cool tone? Is the cool just brighter? Is there an easy way to discern the difference? I love cobalt blue and often think I have purchased a true blue and then find it is a shade (some black added) instead.

  • I love, love this blue. I’m a cool serene, Neutral +2 colors, LCV,
    Can this blue be a neutral for me? I think not, but I should be able to wear it, right? Just the cool tone.

  • Meh. Some form of navy is frequently the only color in my palette I can find things in so I end up wearing it way more than I’d like. I was hoping for something more interesting, less neutral.

      • I just don’t find that to be true where I live. Right now, there are a few warm colors which I can’t wear, black, white, navy and red. Occasionally some burgundy but usually the warmer tone. Last winter I was lucky enough to find a couple of cool green things. All the stores have the same handful of colors!

        • Colours change fairly quickly – I’ve noticed lots of cool pinks starting to appear in our stores (it’s only been warm pinks for the past couple of years), plus emerald green and lots more teal. So I’m sure you’ll get something similar where you are! Online searching of stores is the best way to go to find out who are doing the kinds of colours you’re after without having to traipse around everywhere!

  • Nothing but warm pinks here, too. Maybe we’ll get the cool pinks here for spring! I’d love to find some emeralds and teals, too, but finding some pinks I can wear would make me very happy.

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