The Anatomy of a Slimming Print


What to Look for When Choosing a Print to Make You Appear Slimmer

One of the aspects of choosing prints that I’ve often heard people say is that they can’t wear prints as they’re under the misconception that all prints make you look larger, and if they don’t want to draw attention to a body part, best never put a print garment on it! This can be true, but it depends on the style of print you’re choosing to wear!

Now what figure flattery means to you and how much it matters to you is personal. It may matter a lot and influence your dressing choices heavily, or it may not matter at all to you. But if you do want to know how to choose a print that won’t add weight, then watch the video and read on!

Use the tips below to become aware of the influence and impact of print design when deciding which prints you want to wear.  It’s useful to understand the elements of prints first.

Slimming Prints 

Blend together – the colours and patterns blend together, there is no start or stop to the print and you don’t notice any particular changes in the print.

Example of a blended print

Abstract and all-over – from animal prints to any kind of all-over abstract print.  

The anatomy of Slimming Prints - how to choose prints that make you look slimmer
Here is a blotchy, abstract all-over print

Are densely space – (the elements are close together with little negative space in between the print elements)

The anatomy of Slimming Prints - how to choose prints that make you look slimmer
This cardigan has a dense print with evenly spaced elements.

Are lower in value contrast –  this makes the print look smaller and less obvious.

The anatomy of Slimming Prints - how to choose prints that make you look slimmer
Even though the scale of this floral is large, because the value contrast is low, it doesn’t look as large or obvious.


What is great about these kinds of slimming prints is that they can be really distracting.  Because there is no focal point in the print, the eye doesn’t stop and rest on it, drawing attention to that part of your body.  In fact, most of these kinds of prints just keep the eye going as they are too busy and uncomfortable to look at or study for too long!  

The anatomy of Slimming Prints - how to choose prints that make you look slimmer
A busy print can be very slimming as you don’t notice what’s going on underneath it!

A busy print is also great as it can hide what’s going on underneath the garment so normal skin lumps and bumps are much less apparent than when wearing solid colours.

Less than Slimming Prints

Sparse – you can individuate each print element easily, each element is further apart so there is a larger amount of negative space between the print elements.

Large Scale – frequently a large scale pattern  will be a less than slimming print (unless it is very low value and colour contrast)

High value contrast – the difference between the light and dark of the print means that the print looks larger (and more frequently a larger scale pattern will make you appear larger too).


The anatomy of Slimming Prints - how to choose prints that make you look slimmer - this is not a slimming print!
This kimono has large scale, high colour contrast, widely spaced elements, so it’s a less than slimming print! Because it’s in a draped garment it’s easier to wear than if it was in something flatter.

Now that you know what you’re looking for when selecting prints and patterns, you’ll have a much better hit to miss ratio!

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