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I’m guessing that most of you who regularly read (or even just happen across) Inside Out Style, are looking for ways to improve your style.  You’re in luck – as there are masses of resources here – thousands of blog posts written over the past decade, as well as programs that are designed specifically to help you understand your style needs and desires.

Many women find that style doesn’t come naturally, they didn’t grow up with someone who taught them how to have style, (and it certainly wasn’t a subject at school when I was growing up either).  A few are naturally stylish, but the rest of us have to learn the principles and science behind the art of style.

Just like any skill you learn, practice comes into the equation.  Not only do you need to have an idea of what works, you have to try it out and learn by doing, what does and doesn’t work.

Now many of us figure out that a few clothing styles work and then we rinse and repeat day after day, decade after decade and fall into a style rut (or we never figure it out and just wear what we can get on that feels comfortable and will get us by).

I developed my Evolve Your Style 31 day challenge to help you get out of your style rut and discover more about what really does and doesn’t work for you now.    It’s a great way to take a baby step each day towards a more stylish version of you.


But if 31 days feels like too much of a commitment (or you’ve already done Evolve Your Style and want to join in on something different), then why not take part in my 7 Day Wardrobe Capsule Challenge – it’s simple and easy and takes only 1 week!

1 Week Wardrobe Capsule Challenge

There are some great reasons to try out a capsule wardrobe and doing it for only 1 week means that you’re not overcommitting yourself (or making it too hard).

Even taking an outfit photo each day helps you improve your style (read about that here).  So take the next step on your style journey …

And why not join me on a 7 day Wardrobe Capsule Challenge  – to make it easy, download my Weekly Outfit Planner – and my Guide to Creating Wardrobe Capsules to give you more hints and tips – then join in the challenge – join in anytime and share your capsule outfits and let us know what you learn about your style over on my Facebook Style Lounge. or share on Instagram tagging #insideoutstyle

Take the 1 Week Wardrobe Capsule Challenge and Improve your Style

Lifting my Style Game: A Daily Outfit Photo Experience


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