1 Week Wardrobe Capsule Challenge


Take the 1 Week Wardrobe Capsule Challenge and Improve your Style

Have you thought about setting yourself a wardrobe capsule challenge?

What’s this?  

Well, it’s where you decide to limit what you wear in your wardrobe to just a few items for a week or longer.

Project 333 is the well-known known version of this (where you take 33 items and wear them, and only them for 3 months).  Now this can seem a bit daunting, particularly if you’re not sure if a wardrobe capsule is right for you (and please do read this post on whether or not you’re a capsule person – as I’ve seen people make massive mistakes deciding to throw it all out for a capsule wardrobe and then regret their decision).


Why do this?

Well, it helps you become more creative in putting outfits together as you have to think about different ways of wearing the same garments so that you feel like you’re wearing different outfits.  Even if you’re not a minimalist (of which I’m not), when I travel I use the wardrobe capsule concept (lots of ideas here on creating capsules) as it makes packing lighter and easier and I know that I’ve got lots of options with few clothes (and if you’re not sure about this – have a read of this post which may help you decide what’s right for you.)

That said, even for those of us who are not minimalists and are never going to be, pushing yourself to take a fresh look at your existing wardrobe and creating some capsules is a great way to help you improve your style (and if you include an item or two that hangs unworn or rarely worn in your wardrobe, you’ll discover if it’s a keeper or if it’s a dead weight that you should let go of.

It will also point potential gaps in your wardrobe and stretch your innate creativity just a little bit more.

Some will discover that they love the minimalist wardrobe and that it simplifies their life.  That without having to think so much about what they are wearing each day, it frees their mind up for other pursuits.

Others will discover that it feels like being boxed in, like having your wings clipped and that you miss being able to dress completely differently each day.

Neither is right nor wrong.  It’s just how you are.

Take the 1 Week Capsule Challenge

What you can have in your wardrobe capsule:

  • 10 items of clothing (including shoes)
  • 5 accessories
  • (underwear/hosiery allowed as extras)
 1 week with a different outfit each day.
Wardrobe Capsule ChallengeWhat you choose is up to you – there is no right or wrong in how many bottoms or tops you need (part of your decision will be based on season, location and lifestyle).
Exercise clothes are not part of this capsule challenge – as long as you’re not wearing them all day!  They can be popped on for your exercise, then taken off as you dress in your capsule challenge clothes, as I know, these are a specialist need.

Things You’ll Want to Consider When Choosing Your Capsules Pieces

When you’re choosing your items for your capsules, the most important aspect is  – does what I’m choosing really reflect my style recipe?  If the outfits that you’ll create don’t express it, you won’t be happy with your choices.
Does it all mix and match?  Of course, this is super important when you’re limiting your choices to just a few items.  So think about finding a colour scheme (like I’ve done above) where you can mix and match all pieces – this truly gives you way more options!  Read up here on how to choose colours for a capsule wardrobe.
Don’t buy anything new – this is not about buying new pieces, instead, it’s shopping your wardrobe and making better use of what you already own!

Are you up for the challenge?

Share your outfits with me on Instagram – tagging me with #insideoutstyle  or just come and share over on the Facebook Inside Out Style Lounge – let us know what you learn about your style and how you find the challenge.

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  • Great job, Imogen! Everything is complementary, but not dull in any way – even for a whole week. I guess I, of all people, should give this a go. In truth, I seem to wear the same 10 pieces every week 🙂 (Well, that was the old me. The new me is shaking it up!)

  • The wardrobe looks fine. A nice use of colors. Please excuse my stupidity when I ask that is it necessary to have a different outfit every day? I could settle for less; maybe cheer up myself a bit by only changing shoes, bags, accessories or hair style…

  • Tiffany – sorry! I never look at the prices when I'm putting together a polyvore! The leggings are only $12 and the star pendant is $29!

    K.Line – I also find myself wearing the same clothes a couple of days running (if I'm not working).

    Metscan – it's just the challenge – to create a variety of looks from a limited range.

  • I wasn't really having a go, Imogen – I know it's about the concept, not the price. But every time you do one I see something I LURV and it's out of reach! I suppose I should then hunt down an affordable equivalent …

  • This is fabulous. I am going on a 2 week trip to Asia, and this is certainly giving me some ideas with regards to packing!

  • Jane – you do a great job!

    Tiffany – I'm with you there – I think I have very expensive taste (if only I had the budget to afford it!).

    Liz – add in a couple more tops and a pair of sandals and you'd probably work this easily for 2 weeks.

  • Great set, I love all the different colors.
    I'm quite sure the skirt was intended as inspiration, not an actual shopping list item! 🙂

  • oh you are so good! I can sew just about anything I want, but I have so much trouble selecting a capsule. Really well done!

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