Wardrobe Capsule Challenge


I was over on Jane’s blog The Small Fabric of My Life and she’s doing another capsule challenge –

10 items of clothing (including shoes)
5 accessories
(underwear/hoisery allowed as extras so I’ve slipped in a pair of leggings)
1 week with a different outfit each day.
So here I’ve put together a quick polyvore for ideas if anyone is taking part and needs some inspiratation.

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  • Great job, Imogen! Everything is complementary, but not dull in any way – even for a whole week. I guess I, of all people, should give this a go. In truth, I seem to wear the same 10 pieces every week 🙂 (Well, that was the old me. The new me is shaking it up!)

  • The wardrobe looks fine. A nice use of colors. Please excuse my stupidity when I ask that is it necessary to have a different outfit every day? I could settle for less; maybe cheer up myself a bit by only changing shoes, bags, accessories or hair style…

  • Tiffany – sorry! I never look at the prices when I'm putting together a polyvore! The leggings are only $12 and the star pendant is $29!

    K.Line – I also find myself wearing the same clothes a couple of days running (if I'm not working).

    Metscan – it's just the challenge – to create a variety of looks from a limited range.

  • I wasn't really having a go, Imogen – I know it's about the concept, not the price. But every time you do one I see something I LURV and it's out of reach! I suppose I should then hunt down an affordable equivalent …

  • This is fabulous. I am going on a 2 week trip to Asia, and this is certainly giving me some ideas with regards to packing!

  • Jane – you do a great job!

    Tiffany – I'm with you there – I think I have very expensive taste (if only I had the budget to afford it!).

    Liz – add in a couple more tops and a pair of sandals and you'd probably work this easily for 2 weeks.

  • Great set, I love all the different colors.
    I'm quite sure the skirt was intended as inspiration, not an actual shopping list item! 🙂

  • oh you are so good! I can sew just about anything I want, but I have so much trouble selecting a capsule. Really well done!

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